Mission Statement

Proactively serve and protect our community with honor, respect, and accountability, to make Orem the safest place to live, work, and play.

The Orem Police Department has long been known throughout the state as one of the best Police Departments around. We are known by our community as being extremely service-oriented. We take pride in being proactive in finding ways to serve and protect our community.

More Information about the Department

The Orem Police Department serves an Orem population of approximately 98,000 through the progressive and dedicated work of sworn police officers, civilian employees, and citizen volunteers. The department, led by Chief Josh Adams, is made up of three separate divisions: Patrol, Investigations, and Support Services.

The Patrol Division is the most visible of the police department. This division is commanded by Captain BJ Robinson. It consists of 58 uniformed police officers who usually drive marked police cars or motorcycles. Members of the patrol division are dedicated to protecting the city of Orem’s residents and visitors. They work to accomplish this by patrolling assigned areas of the city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They respond to emergency calls, in-progress crimes and calls for service. They also investigate traffic accidents and enforce traffic laws. They are true first responders and will be found present at nearly all police-related matters.

The Investigations Division is the division responsible for handling the investigations of crimes of a more serious nature. This division is commanded by Captain Todd Mallinson. The duties and responsibilities of an investigator are unlike those found in any other division of the department. Investigators are sworn officers that carry a weapon and handcuffs, but instead of wearing a uniform, they typically dress in plain clothes or business attire. They are assigned unmarked police cars to drive. They are assigned cases that typically require more investigation and follow up than patrol officers have time to provide, along with major crimes including homicides, sexual assaults, and crimes against children. Orem’s Street Enforcement Officers, School Resource Officers, Victim Advocates, and Evidence Technicians are all a part of the investigations division.

The Support Services Division has a wide variety of responsibilities. This division’s customer isn’t only the public’s, but the police department’s as well. The division has a two-fold mission to (1) assist the public in its efforts to provide for its welfare and safety, and (2) to provide the training, support and information necessary for the other divisions of the department to perform their duties. The Support Services Division is managed by Captain Mark Sorensen. Orem’s 24/7 dispatch center handles all emergency calls and calls for service in the cities of Orem and Lindon. There are currently 21 full-time and several part-time dispatchers working in the Orem dispatch center.   The community service specialists are also part of support services and manage and disseminate all records and information for the Orem Police Department. The Support Services Division also includes the animal control officersVIPS (Volunteers in Police Service) and the school crossing guards.

99 Sworn Personnel

41 Civilian Personnel

20 Citizen Volunteers



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