Neighborhood Partnership Initiative

The previous Neighborhoods in Action Program is now known as the Neighborhood Partnership Initiative! Here are some of the changes that have been made to the program:

  • The previous 22 neighborhoods have been combined into nine. These neighborhoods are based on the Development Services neighborhood planning groups and will be used for planning and communication purposes only. To view the neighborhood map- click here. 
  • There are no more leadership positions. Previous chairs have been invited to participate in neighborhood plans, trainings, etc.
  • Communication to neighborhood residents will be done through targeted emails, mailings, social media, utility bills, newsletters, schools, and the utilization of a network of community leaders that are connected with the people of a given neighborhood or area.

Fall Clean-Up is here once again! Visit our site for more information. 

Access neighborhood and community resources to help your family and neighbors-includes a resource guide, landscaping classes, loan-to-own program, and more.
View a calendar of upcoming events.
See what Orem's neighborhood plans look like.
Learn more about the Critical Home Repair & Housing Rehabilitation Program and how you can apply for grants up to $15,000.
Find out more about our Neighborhood Preservation Unit and code enforcement. Report problems or code violations, research Orem code, or apply for the Property All-Star Program.
Become involved, and share your feedback.

Property All-Star Winner!

Congratulations to the Smith family for being our first winners of the City of Orem’s new Property All-Star Program. They did an amazing job transforming the front yard of their beautiful historic home.

The Property All-Star award program was developed to show appreciation and recognition for homeowners and landlords who have worked hard to improve their once-blighted properties and have brought them up to a community standard or beyond. More information can be found here. Nominate someone today! 


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