2023 Election Resources

View Election Results

Election results will be posted on the state election site. 

Voter Information Pamphlet Now Available

State law requires each city with issues on the ballot to produce and publish a voter information guide to assist voters in learning about ballot propositions.


  • Nov. 20th – Mailed ballots must be postmarked by this date
  • Nov. 21st – Election Day

Tony from Utah County Elections gave us a tour of the Ballot Center and showed us the complete lifecycle of a ballot. It was super interesting and informative. 

Get to Know the Candidates!

Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Debate

The UV Chamber hosted an Orem City Council candidate debate at the SCERA Center for the Arts on Oct. 18th, 2023.

Get to Know the Candidates!

Meet the Candidates Night

The city hosted Meet the Candidates Night on August 10, 2023 and each candidate gave a 3-minute speech on their vision for Orem.

Get to Know the Candidates!

City Council Candidate Interviews

The city's communication staff asked each candidate the same 5 questions to help voters get to know the candidates.

Candidates are listed here in “master ballot position” order which is determined by the State of Utah. You can learn more by clicking here.

385-422-1866 | Crystalfororem@gmail.com | Crystalfororem.com

Video Interview
Meet the Candidates Speech

Declaration of Candidacy

I’m running for City Council to bring our community together around our shared values; our families, neighborhoods, and community. Orem is more than just a city; it is Family City USA, and as your council member, my top priority will be to keep Orem a destination for families. I believe that starts with safe streets and prioritizing our first responders. We need to stay affordable to maintain the vibrancy of our community. I will advocate for well-managed programs, lower fees, and fiscally responsible practices. Responsible growth is vital to sustain Orem’s identity. I will work diligently to support family housing and ensure any development plans are thoughtfully designed to accommodate our existing community, address traffic needs, and strengthen our infrastructure. Our parks, SCERA, and community activities play a crucial role in family life. I will fight to safeguard their funding. Local businesses are the backbone of our city. I will champion business-friendly policies that promote their growth and generate job opportunities. Working together, I know we can build upon Orem’s legacy as Family City USA, creating a remarkable place to live, work, and play for generations to come. I humbly ask for your support and vote.

801-368-8331 | mattmckellcpa@gmail.com | mckellfororem.com 

Video Interview
Meet the Candidates Speech

Declaration of Candidacy

Orem is home. My wife Sherri and I raised our five children here. All five attended Orem Elementary, Orem Junior, and
Mountain View High School, and four of them have chosen to build their families and businesses right here in Orem.
With over 30 years of experience as a CPA in Orem, I have assisted individuals and business owners in navigating tax
complexities and helping manage their companies and family budgets effectively. Moreover, I have audited County and City
Governments in Utah, ensuring fiscal responsibility and accountability.
As your city council member, I’ll bring my experience and your voice as I strive to serve you. Protecting our neighborhoods
through responsible development remains essential to preserving Orem’s reputation as a top family destination. 
Beyond my professional endeavors, my coaching passion led me to coach tennis at Mountain View High School for 12
years, contributing to two State Championships. Helping develop the next generation of leaders in our community brings me
immense joy.
I hope to earn your support to bring my diverse expertise as a CPA, Certified Residential Appraiser, and devoted
Father/Coach to serving you and Orem. Let’s continue making it an exceptional place to live, work, and thrive together.

801-420-1505 | Chris@Killpack4OremCity.vote | killpack4oremcity.vote

Video Interview 
Meet the Candidates Speech

Declaration of Candidacy

This past year, our beloved city of Orem has witnessed a wave of divisiveness that has affected the lives
of families and individuals. I champion the cause of UNITY and advocate for a future where we WORK
I believe we can agree that effective LEADERSHIP and a wealth of EXPERIENCE are crucial to guide Orem
into a brighter future. As your city councilmen, my focus will be on the following key priorities:
• BUILDING TRUST: I’ll foster trust and understanding in Orem.
• PROMOTING Open DIALOGUE: Through public dialogue and collaboration, we can find common-
sense solutions that benefit us all.
• SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: I commit to manage growth responsibly, ensuring that Orem continues to
thrive and respect the character of our neighborhoods without high-density housing that intrudes
on residential areas.
• SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY. Our city’s employees and local businesses are the backbone of
Orem. I support them every step of the way.
• COMMUNITY BUILDING: We’ll build a stronger, more cohesive community through SERVICE and
INCLUSIVITY. We’re all in this together, and together, we’ll lift each other up.
VOTE Chris Killpack and we will write the next chapter in Orem’s history. Thanks Orem!

801-787-4306 | jeff4orem@gmail.com | Jeff4Orem.com

Video Interview
Meet the Candidates Speech

  1. I am a proud, lifelong Orem resident – this is where I grew up, went to school, and met my beautiful wife, Darla. Orem has been the nurturing ground for our six children. OREM is HOME. My commitment to Orem runs deep. Volunteering as a baseball, soccer, and basketball coach, leadership roles in the Boy Scouts of America, as well as significant leadership roles in other charitable and service organizations, I have always sought to make a positive impact. My experience as President and CEO of a local business gave me firsthand knowledge of challenges faced by small business owners.

    I am endorsed by both, the Orem Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 33 and the Professional Firefighters of Orem, Local 2742.

    I will continue to:
    1. Lead with Civility

    2. Listen to the citizens. As a concerned and thoughtful council member, I have truly listened to and represented the citizens.

    3. Protect our neighborhoods. Growth is always a concern. The key is how we manage that growth. A slow, thoughtful, methodical approach… Smart, reasonable development where it makes sense and directing it away from areas where it does not.

    4. Support First Responders and city employees.

    5. Collaborate and work with other community partners.

385-200-1204 | Spencer@VoteRands.com | VoteRands.com

Video Interview
Meet the Candidates Speech

Spencer Rands is a devoted husband, proud father of five, successful businessman, and active Orem CARE and Public Safety Commissions volunteer. He and his wife, Jana, chose Orem as the perfect place to raise their family and invest their time in maintaining its excellence by giving back to the community. Spencer’s top priorities are listening to residents and preserving Orem’s family-friendly environment. He advocates for responsible planning to protect neighborhoods from poorly planned high-density rental developments, ensuring ample funding for public safety departments, and keeping taxes and fees low while safeguarding the city’s cherished parks and public lands. Spencer believes in an open and transparent approach to council decisions, valuing input from residents to unite Orem’s diverse population and fostering a strong sense of community. Accessibility is vital to Spencer’s commitment. He remains reachable through email, phone, or text, empowering all residents to be part of the decision-making process. With valuable experience in business and dedicated service to Orem, particularly with first responders, neighborhoods, and the CARE commission, Spencer Rands is uniquely qualified for the Orem City Council. His passion, dedication, and willingness to work with others will help ensure a bright future for Orem.

801-900-5820 | Jenn@JoinJenn.vote | joinjenn.vote

Video Interview
Meet the Candidates Speech

Declaration of Candidacy 

My name is Jenn Gale and I want a brighter future for Orem City. As an 18-year resident, I’m ready to do my part to build an Orem that elevates, values, and empowers her people. My platform centers around three words: Trust, Listen, Collaborate. I will build trusting relationships with community, staff, and key stakeholders; I will listen to fellow residents to ensure we are focusing on issues that matter to them; and I’ll collaborate to find win-win solutions for our neighbors, our incredible city staff, and our community partners.
True to that spirit I’ve spent years volunteering side by side with residents and working on issues that matter to our city. I served as the board chair of the group that petitioned for a new rec center and library hall; I volunteered as Head Swim Coach at Orem High School; and I’m the Operations Director for the Orem Youth Cycling Association. I hope my vision and past work will give you insight into how I’ll serve on Orem’s City Council. I ask you to #JoinJenn and support my candidacy.

View Official Primary Election Results

The Orem City Council canvassed the 2023 Primary Election on Tuesday, September 19th. These are the final results for the primary and the top six candidates will move on to the general election. View the Primary Election statistics. 

General Election Information

You may be eligible to register to vote online.  The State database draws your information from your driver’s license, so your correct home address must be listed on your license in order to qualify. Click here if you qualify.

Qualified individuals need to fill out a registration form and submit it to the Utah County Clerk’s office.

Voter Registration Forms can be obtained from the:
• Utah County clerk’s office (100 East Center Street–Provo) 801-851-8128
• County webpage  (Mail or deliver a paper copy to County.)
• City webpage  (Mail or deliver a paper copy to County.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Orem City Recorder’s Office at 801.229.7298.

Deadline for submitting registration form:

  • By Mail: This form must be postmarked at least 30 days before an election to be eligible to vote in that election.
  • Walk In: This form must be delivered in person to your county clerk or complete an online registration at least 11 days before the election to be eligible to vote in that election.

It is important that voter registration information is current because only active registered voters will receive a ballot.

  • Are you registered to vote? Not sure? Check vote.utah.gov.
  • Have you moved but haven’t updated your information for the DMV and voter registration? See State Voter Registration
  • If you have voter registration questions, you can call the Utah County Clerk’s office at 801.851.8128

For mailed ballots to be counted, they must be postmarked the day BEFORE Election Day. (Monday)

The City of Orem has added 2 BALLOT DROP BOXES for your convenience. 

  • Orem City Library – along 100 North – next to the Library and Utility Drop Boxes
  • Orem Senior Center – in the Parking Lot along 400 East

Drop Boxes will be checked and emptied daily.  You can drop off your ballots up to the close of Election Day (8:00 pm Election Day)

The City contracts with Utah County to conduct an all Vote by Mail election. Since everyone will have been mailed ballots, the only Early Voting location will be at the Utah County Election Office.

Further questions, please contact the County Election Office at (801) 851-8128

Click here to view a map of the Orem voting precincts on a pdf file.

Click here for a more detailed map that includes the state and federal district boundaries.

Municipal (City) Election Information

Municipal Elections are held on the odd-numbered years. County Elections are held on the even-numbered years.

Requirements to declare yourself a candidate you must answer the following questions:

  1. Are you a United States Citizen?
  2. Are you a registered voter of this (Orem) municipality?
  3. Will you be at least 18 years at the time of the next municipal election?
  4. Will you have been a resident of the municipality for 12 consecutive month’s immediately before the date of the election?
  5. Have you ever been deemed mentally incompetent, convicted of a felony, or convicted of treason or crime against the elective franchise (Orem)?

If the prospective candidate does not meet the qualification requirements for the office, the filing officer may not accept the declaration of candidacy or nomination petition.

If it appears that the prospective candidate meets the requirements of candidacy, they are to file a declaration of candidacy, in person with the City Recorder during the office hours of 8:00 am -5:00 pm between June 1st and June 7th, 2023 and pay the filing fee required by municipal ordinance.  (O-2019-0004)

For all campaign-related questions, please contact the City of Orem Recorder’s Office at (801) 224-7298

There is a filing fee for all those that qualify for Declaration of Candidacy.

  • For each person seeking to become a candidate for Mayor, the filing fee shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00); and
  • For each person seeking to become a candidate for Council Member the filing fee shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00).

For all campaign-related questions, please contact the City of Orem Recorder’s Office at (801) 224-7298

If you wish to be a poll worker, you will need to contact Utah County Elections at 801.851.8128.

Municipal Financial Disclosures