Important Election Dates & Deadlines

The 2021 Election will be conducted by the Utah County Election Office. Please call 801-851-8128 with any questions.

Declared Candidates

Mayor Candidates (listed in the order they will show on the ballot)

“I love living in Orem. There is no place I would rather live. The neighborhood feel of Orem is unparalleled. My wife Tana and I have raised our children here and are fully invested in our community.

When former Mayor Jerry Washburn passed away, the Orem City Council selected me to serve and finish his term. It was during a difficult time in Orem’s history as we lost a beloved leader and were in the midst of the great recession.

As Mayor I led the council in making really hard decisions and we laid the foundation for Orem to quickly recover from the recession.  The last act I did as Mayor was sign the agreement with University Place, an amazing redevelopment that continues to grow today.

As we recover from COVID-19, we are also facing challenges. Our foundation is strong, but the economy ahead is unknown.

I believe that we need to protect our neighborhoods and preserve the quality of life that we expect in Orem.

I’m the proven candidate with the business and civic experience we need now and I’m ready to get to work.”

  • P.O. Box 912, 84059
  • PH: 801-602-9058
  • Email: williams.archie@ymail.com
  • Web: N/A
  • Candidate Interview: Mr. Williams chose not to participate in candidate interviews
Meet the Candidate Night Speech – Unable to Participate

Haysam Sakar believes in the American Dream because he’s lived it. He arrived in the U.S.
from Egypt in 1997 with $37.50 in his pocket. He started cleaning a warehouse where the
owner let him live in a tiny side room. He did all kinds of jobs over the years, but it was as a
waiter in Time Square’s Roxy’s restaurant that he met his wife Lexie, who was visiting as a BYU
student. They’ve been married for 20 years and have five children.

Haysam has grown and sold multiple businesses in Orem. He’s a volunteer with the Police
Department and serves on the Planning Commission. The journey from those first jobs in New
York to successful businessman in Orem grew from strong determination, hard work, know
how, and passion; all things he believes the Mayor’s office needs. He is running for Mayor
because he believes that the status quo is not serving the citizens and that Orem needs some
course corrections to get back on track. “Everything elected officials and city staff do should
be with a public servant mindset. Sometimes the status quo needs to be shaken up a bit and
Orem is at one of those times.”

Dave Young is a successful businessman who founded several companies, including Paragon Wealth Management. Over 35 years later, his company has survived and thrived in some of the most challenging investment markets in history. As a result of his leadership, Paragon Wealth Management has received numerous awards, including Advisors with Heart, NABCAP Premier Advisor five times, and Best of State Investment Advisor eleven times.

Dave understands we must guide Orem into the future with forward-thinking policies while planning for growth and protecting the family neighborhoods and values that have made our city a great place to live, work, and raise a family. He understands the last thing Orem residents and businesses need following a pandemic is increased taxes and fees.

Dave is committed to looking for innovative ways to improve and streamline government services while respecting taxpayers. Dave’s unique experience will help him guide Orem to the next step while ensuring a good return on investment for taxpayers.

Dave and his wife Cathy are longtime Orem residents and have five children and ten grandchildren. Dave is committed and invested in our community. He enjoys his work, fitness, adventure travel, the outdoors, ice cream, and spending time with his family.

City Council Candidates (listed in the order they will show on the ballot)

I am a leader, an advocate, a mother, and ready to get to work for Orem. 
I’m a first-generation college graduate. I earned a law degree at BYU. As a full-time student, I worked in various jobs including time with the Utah Attorney General’s Office and a summer in Washington, D.C. advocating for juvenile justice reform.
After law school, I worked for the FBI, before family needs necessitated a change. I became a Guardian ad Litem Attorney, advocating for children who had been abused and neglected. Although I cared deeply for the children I represented, I stepped away to be a stay-at-home mom.
Orem is thriving and growing. We need to make sure that growth is managed to preserve a high quality of life now and in the future. I will:
  • Ensure Orem’s parks effectively serve the city as a whole and the neighborhoods where they are located
  • Support our law enforcement and emergency responders with the resources needed to protect the city and build relationships with the community
  • Utilize my legal training to protect neighborhoods from predatory development
  • Advocate for families and ensure they have a voice on the council
I hope to earn your support for city council.

Orem is at a crossroads. The pressure to change our core values is increasing, and now more than ever, I feel a duty to stay on the city council and fight for our neighborhoods and families –  to keep Orem, Family City USA. 

Many have come to know me as someone who is not afraid to speak up and work with others to get things done. I take great care in counseling with residents of neighborhoods that will be affected by decisions we make as a city council. 

I have enjoyed raising my family here in Orem and serving as your councilman. I have worked hard to fulfill my commitments to you, the citizens of Orem. Seven years ago I promised to listen, use common sense, be transparent, fiscally responsible, and honest. I have kept those promises through having an open door, fighting for the needs of individual neighborhoods, working to lower water rates, and supporting the police, fire, recreation, youth and arts organizations of Orem. 

As your councilman, I will continue to be the steady, independent voice that our community needs. 

I ask for your vote to keep Orem moving in the right direction.

I believe there is room for everyone in Orem. While we have Orem families with Orem pioneer pedigrees, we also have transplants, immigrants, refugees, homeless, young professionals, students, and so many other groups of people. I’d like to focus on celebrating our unity as a diverse community.

My perspective as a relatively young woman and working mother of young children is a perspective that needs representation in the Orem City Council. I frequent our library, our parks, our splash pads and I have elementary age children in our neighborhood school. My stage in life represents a large chunk of the population of Orem and I’m invested in representing our voices.

I have lived in Orem for 5 years with my husband and young children and we have grown to love this special city. I care deeply about every individual in our city. I am passionate about unity and solutions and I hope to prove that to my city.

I was born and raised in Orem and I truly love my home town. I have been greatly concerned with the direction the unelected have been taking us, and the disregard shown to those who have made Orem their home. I think we must bring accountability and visibility to all levels of our government(elected and not elected), reduce unnecessary spending, and ensure that the will of the citizenry is the overriding factor for all decisions. Whenever a decision is made the first question that should be asked is if it is moral/ethical, followed very closely by whether it is constitutional. I care deeply about our home and will do everything I can to make a positive impact in our city.

Quinn is a candidate for Orem City Council. He has built a career in education, business, and public affairs, and currently works as a professor at Brigham Young University, where he teaches courses on government. He has worked for several management and leadership consulting firms, as well as in policy development at the U.S. Department of State. 

Quinn has a long history of local public service, including on the Orem Natural Resources Stewardship Committee, the Utah County Good Governance Advisory Board, and Orem Youth Soccer. He has also served as an elected school board member. 

Quinn’s priorities include:

  • Empower every citizen by generating new opportunities to participate in municipal government
  • Strengthen and preserve Orem’s neighborhoods through local neighborhood grants
  • Cultivate beautiful public spaces, including parks, trails, and forums for community events
  • Create economic opportunity by making Orem one of the best places in the country to live and build a business

Quinn will pursue these priorities with values-driven leadership and conservative spending focused on Orem’s best long-term investments. He will help each individual be fully heard and work with a wide coalition of citizens to build creative solutions to Orem’s current and future challenges. 

Tom has made his home in Orem since Junior High. He and Kaye went to school together at Orem High
and are proud Tigers. After his mission, Kaye and Tom married and raised their four children (now all
married) in Orem. They have 18 grandchildren.

He worked as a CPA and is a fiscal conservative. His role in senior management and as an assistant
business dean at UVU has prepared him well to make important decisions that affect all Orem citizens.

He has worked hard to reduce Orem’s debt. During his time on the city council he has helped to reduce
expenditures on UTOPIA while still making sure that more Orem residents have access to highspeed

Tom is a leader who works well with others. When he doesn’t agree, he isn’t disagreeable. He thinks
about what is right for today’s citizens and for future generations.

He has been a champion of the beautiful parks in our city and can regularly be seen at the new fitness
center, cycling through the canyon, enjoying time with his family, and enjoying all that makes Orem a
wonderful place to live.

Let’s keep Tom on the city council working for all of us!

My husband Ken and I have lived in Orem for over 30 years. We love Orem and enjoyed raising our children here.

For 25 years I have served the people of Orem through community volunteering and public appointments, including the Orem C.A.R.E. Commission, the Neighborhood Preservation Committee, and Chair of the School Community Council. I feel it is time to put my experience to work in an official capacity and help to advance family-friendly, smart growth decisions that bring people together and preserve our neighborhoods.

Orem has incredible neighborhoods, parks, recreation and cultural arts. I will build on those strengths while planning wisely for the future. I value and will champion our police and fire departments, giving them resources they need to safely support all of our citizens.

With a bachelor’s degree in business management and experience in both the public and private sectors, I will build coalitions to keep Orem business and family friendly. I understand how the city works and how it can better serve our citizens.

I ask for your vote for City Council. Together, we can preserve our neighborhoods, strengthen our families and build our future. 

Todd Linsley was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to Sonja P. Linsley (Author/Publisher) and Bill Linsley Jr. (Research Scientist/Executive) who were born in Ogden, Utah. He was raised in New York along with his five sisters and one brother. Growing up, he gained an affinity for Baseball, Football, Musical Theater, & Ronald Reagan. 

“One of my greatest thrills as a child was after sending a picture I drew of the new President, sitting on his horse (from a time magazine cover). I got a letter from the White House thanking me for my ‘handmade gift’. My mother kept the letter safe in her top drawer. I would often gingerly pull it out and stare at the White House stationery and Ronald Reagan’s signature. After the President’s kindness to a little boy in New York, it impressed upon me what a debt we have to each other, a debt of gratitude. We do nothing in this life alone. I have tried throughout my life to express kindness, gratitude, and to regard it as life’s greatest virtue.” 

Todd went to high school for two years in Suburban Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Southern California where he would graduate in Saugus, California (Go Centurions!).

“As a child, I was a Yankees Fan. I loved watching Reggie Jackson hit three consecutive home runs, at Yankee Stadium, in game six of the 1977 World Series. However, as a teen and adult, living in Los Angeles, Tommy Lasorda’s Dodgers eventually won me over. I am a huge Dodgers fan.”

Todd served his church for two years in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission, after which he returned home and attended College of the Canyons while working in the Film and Television Industry. Todd worked in the capacity of a Unit Production Manager. His job was to anticipate the needs and logistics of a production and create a budget that would support those needs. He has extensive experience in putting a project together and prides himself in always finishing under budget.

Todd met his sweetheart (Autumn N. Glahn, who was visiting from Orem) in the Santa Clarita Singles ward and was married in 2001. They just celebrated 20 years together and have 2 beautiful boys. Todd and Autumn have volunteered for their church and for Utah County 4-H. They both teach in the Alpine School District.

Todd believes that gratitude is the greatest of all virtues and the root of all good motives. 

“As I have chosen to serve the citizens of Orem, I do this with a mind for progress and a heart set on preserving a high quality of life and protection of our property.”

“As an Orem City Council Member, I see myself not as a leader, but a representative of the people of Orem. I will navigate each and every decision with a deep and abiding belief that I do it in the name of the people who put me there. I will use the modern tools afforded me to gain consensus on the people’s agenda and not for my personal gain.”

Todd has a plan.

“Americans do not respond well to compulsion. The mottos of, ‘Don’t tread on me’ and ‘Come and get it’ comes to mind. We participate on our own terms; an essential element to the definition of freedom. In Orem, we hold these freedoms near and dear. I propose a corp of Volunteers, Students, Families, & Churches, to rise up and heed the call of your city. There are people in need, there are the marginalized and the poverty-stricken and the lonely, and disabled who need our help. There are simple tasks we can do to serve our community; whether it’s reading a book or mowing a lawn, pulling some weeds, these tasks build community, they build relationships and trust. When we serve, we help fill a need within our community. I want to help our volunteers by offering incentives. I want to hold activities where volunteers can build trust with our citizens. Service is where we begin to truly embrace the “Family City, USA”. We need to know our neighbors. I have a comprehensive plan to incentivize these groups to reach out and beautify our city. This plan includes a referral process for properties that have been neglected or have for some reason fallen unattended.”

A Latin American Festival in the Fall!

“I want a Fall festival. I want to embrace our Latin Culture. We have a large, beautiful population that has been marginalized and neglected in our city. I want to celebrate them with a big three-day party. I want to take time in the fall, to celebrate the traditional ALL SAINTS DAY with music, dancing, ceremony, food, and art. We can educate our children with games, contests, and exposure to the unique spirituality and soul of our Latin-American neighbors. We can join with them and truly become “Family City USA”.

In the Spring We Celebrate A Galaxy Far Far Away!

“I want a Spring Festival. A new kind of celebration. One that celebrates imagination, Science Fiction & Fantasy. I want to celebrate STAR WARS DAY! Star Wars Day can become an official day in Orem City to celebrate the wonder of our own imaginations. People will come in their costumes. We’ll have music, vendors, and food that rivals only the depths of our own creativity. I promise you this one will be out of this world!

The Holiday Family Film Festival!

“I would like to develop a film festival for the city in the winter months. A film festival that celebrates families and a new national pastime, The Holiday Movie. I envision premieres from Hallmark, Disney, and Independent productions, here in the big beautiful Scera Entertainment complex. We could have a children’s contest and an animation category.  We can have local and international celebrities visit to do Q&As. I would love a lecture series on the greatest holiday movies of our time. We could expand the Kinder market that Scera has, and perhaps bring more vendors in to sell holiday-oriented chachkies. It would be an absolute winter smash! No matter what holiday you celebrate, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, all are welcome!”

With these festivals, which will pay for themselves, we can use the excess revenue to pay for the Volunteer Corps’ activities.”

General Election Information

You may be eligible to register to vote online.  The State database draws your information from your driver’s license, so your correct home address must be listed on your license in order to qualify. Click here if you qualify.

Qualified individuals need to fill out a registration form and submit it to the Utah County Clerk’s office.

Voter Registration Forms can be obtained from the:
• Orem City Recorder’s office (56 N. State Street) 801-229-7298
• Utah County clerk’s office (100 East Center Street–Provo) 801-851-8128
• County webpage  (Mail or deliver a paper copy to County.)
• City webpage  (Mail or deliver a paper copy to County.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Orem City Recorder’s Office at 801.229.7298 or 801.229.7074.

Deadline for submitting registration form:

  • By Mail: This form must be postmarked at least 30 days before an election to be eligible to vote in that election.
  • Walk In: This form must be delivered in person to your county clerk or complete an online registration at least 11 days before the election to be eligible to vote in that election.

The 2021 City of Orem Municipal Elections will be conducted by an all Vote by Mail (VBM) election. All active registered voters will be mailed a ballot approximately 21 days prior to the election(s). That would be July 20th (if a Primary is needed) and October 12th for the General Election.

It is important that voter registration information is current because only active registered voters will receive a ballot.

  • Are you registered to vote? Not sure? Check vote.utah.gov.
  • Have you moved but haven’t updated your information for the DMV and voter registration? See State Voter Registration
  • If you have voter registration questions, you can call the Utah County Clerk’s office at 801.851.8128

For mailed ballots to be counted, they must be postmarked the day BEFORE Election Day. (Monday)

The City of Orem has added 2 BALLOT DROP BOXES at the Orem City Center for your convenience.  (56 North State Street)

  • North side along 100 North – next to the Library and Utility Drop Boxes
  • South side in the south parking lot – next to the Postal Box.

Drop Boxes will be checked and emptied daily.  You can drop off your ballots up to the close of Election Day (8:00 pm Election Day)

The City is contracting with Utah County to conduct an all Vote by Mail election. Since everyone will have been mailed ballots, the only Early Voting location will be at the Utah County Election Office.

Further questions, please contact the County Election Office at (801) 851-8128

Click here to view a map of the Orem voting precincts on a pdf file.

Click here for a more detailed map that includes the state and federal district boundaries.

Municipal (City) Election Information

Municipal Elections are held on the odd-numbered years. County Elections are held on the even-numbered years.

Requirements to declare yourself a candidate you must answer the following questions:

  1. Are you a United States Citizen?
  2. Are you a registered voter of this (Orem) municipality?
  3. Will you be at least 18 years at the time of the next municipal election?
  4. Will you have been a resident of the municipality for 12 consecutive month’s immediately before the date of the election?
  5. Have you ever been deemed mentally incompetent, convicted of a felony, or convicted of treason or crime against the elective franchise (Orem)?


If the prospective candidate does not meet the qualification requirements for the office, the filing officer may not accept the declaration of candidacy or nomination petition.

If it appears that the prospective candidate meets the requirements of candidacy, they are to file a declaration of candidacy, in person with the City Recorder during the office hours of 8:00 am -5:00 pm between June 1st and June 7th, 2019 and pay the filing fee required by municipal ordinance.  (O-2019-0004)

For all campaign-related questions, please contact the City of Orem Recorder’s Office at (801) 224-7298 or (801) 224-7074

There is a filing fee for all those that qualify for Declaration of Candidacy.

  • For each person seeking to become a candidate for Mayor, the filing fee shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00); and
  • For each person seeking to become a candidate for Council Member the filing fee shall be seventy-five dollars ($75.00).

For all campaign-related questions, please contact the City of Orem Recorder’s Office at (801) 224-7298 or (801) 224-7074

If you wish to be a poll worker, you will need to contact Utah County Elections at 801.851.8128.

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