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To read more about the Arts Council in city code, click here.

To view recordings of these meetings on YouTube, click here.

Arts Council Agendas | Arts Council Minutes

To read more about the Board of Adjustment in city code, click here.

Board of Adjustment Agendas | Board of Adjustment Minutes

To read more about the Board of Building & Fire Code Appeals in city code, click here.

To read more about the CARE Advisory Commission in city code, click here.

CARE Advisory Commission Agendas | CARE Advisory Commission Minutes

To read more about the CDBG Advisory Commission in city code, click here.

CDBG Agendas | CDBG Minutes

To learn more about the Heritage Commission in city code, click here.

Heritage Commission Agendas | Heritage Commission Minutes

To learn more about the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission in city code, click here.

To view recordings of these meetings on YouTube, click here.

Historic Preservation Advisory Commission Agendas | Historic Preservation Advisory Commission Minutes

To read more about the Library Advisory Commission in city code, click here.

To view recordings of these meetings on YouTube, click here. 

Library Advisory Commission Agendas | Library Advisory Commission Minutes

To read more about the Natural Resources Stewardship Committee in city code, click here.

To view recordings of these meetings on YouTube, click here.

Natural Resources Stewardship Committee Agendas | Natural Resources Stewardship Committee Minutes

To read more about the Orem Youth Council in city code, click here.

To read more about the Summerfest Committee in city code, click here.

Oremfest Committee AgendasOremfest Committee Minutes

To read more about the Planning Commission in city code, click here.

Planning Commission Agendas | Planning Commission Minutes

To read more about the Public Safety Advisory Commission in city code, click here.

To read more about the Public Works Commission in city code, click here.

Public Works Commission Agendas | Public Works Commission Minutes

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Arts Council

The mission of the Orem Arts Council is to increase visibility and emphasize the importance of the arts in our community. Currently, volunteers meet for a lunch meeting on the third Friday of each month to discuss both strategic planning and upcoming events hosted by the Arts Council. The Arts Council hosts four events per year and sponsors the Summer Concert Series at the Stage at City Center Park. Volunteers take an active role in planning and executing these events. A member of the Arts Council also represents the group during Summerfest planning and takes responsibility for scheduling entertainment for the two-day June celebration.

The Arts Council is made up of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and interests. There are opportunities for volunteers who have strengths in many different areas. We seek individuals with a passion for both community service and the arts to serve in this volunteer assignment.

13 Members – 4 year term.

Appt. by Mayor

Beautification Commission

The Beautification Commission is charged with the responsibility of making Orem a more beautiful place in which to live and recommends to the Council programs which will improve and enhance residential and commercial areas within the City.

9 members – 3 year terms
Appt. by Mayor

Commission Goals

  • Enhance the Orem City Arboretum
    • Plant more trees
    • Provide informational pamphlets about trees.
  • Support Arbor Day Activities
  • Recognize Citizens and Businesses who make a difference in beautifying Orem.
  • Support Effort to Beautify City Entryways
  • Promote the Roles and Activities of the Commission thru brochures, pamphlets, newspapers, and the City’s Website.

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment hears and decides appeals from any decision, order, or requirement made by the planning commission or zoning administrator. They shall also hear and decide other zoning matters such as conditional use permits that the zoning ordinance designates as their responsibility. Also requests for variances to avoid unnecessary hardships and with consideration for the health, safety, convenience and general welfare of the public.

5 Members – 3 year term.
Appointed by City Manager

Board of Building & Fire Code Appeals

The Board of Building and Fire Code Appeals is an advisory board and hears and decides appeals from any decision, order or requirement made by City building officials.  The board may also recommend to the City Council new legislation which is consistent with Orem City ordinances peculiar to building construction.

Meetings are held as needed (Building and Fire Code problems).

5 Qualified Members (by experience and training) – 3 year term.
Appt. by City Manager

CARE Advisory Commission

The CARE Tax Advisory Commission acts as an advisory commission to the City Council. The duties of the CARE Tax Advisory Commission include reviewing applications for CARE funding, consider priorities outlined in the strategic plans of the Recreation Advisory Commission and the Orem Arts Council, as well as to consult and give opinions to the City Council regarding how CARE funds should be allocated.

5 Members – 3 Year Term.

Appointment by Mayor.

CDBG Advisory Commission

This commission is an advisory commission to involve Orem residents in the process of deciding where and how the Community Development Block Grant money is spent. The commission gathers citizen input and advises the City Council on its findings.

Meets as needed.

7 Members – 2 year term.
Appt. by Mayor.

Heritage Commission

The Heritage Advisory Commission shall make recommendations to the City Council regarding development of two memorials honoring veterans (one memorial to is to be located at the City cemetery and the other is to be located at the City Center); shall establish a local tradition of formally celebrating our heritage trough Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day celebrations and other appropriate holiday celebrations; shall establish the tradition of flag raising ceremonies; and shall conduct educational outreach to enhance appreciation for our nation and the sacrifices made on its behalf.

7 members – 4 year term
Appt. by Mayor

Library Advisory Commission

The Library Commission has the responsibility to advise the City Council on the needs and desires of the public with regard to library services. They also encourage grants or gifts and recommend the purchase of various library materials for the benefit of the community.

7 Members – 3 year term
Appt. by Mayor

Natural Resources Stewardship Committee

Connection to the land runs deep in Utah. The early inhabitants–both the native tribes and then later, the pioneers–viewed goods and resources as precious. There was a sacred consciousness of stewardship.

Orem’s Natural Resources Stewardship Committee (NRSC) has been established to build on the values of early inhabitants: innovation, conservative self-reliance and community spirit. Areas of focus include recycling, water conservation, bicycling, gardening, and promoting air quality.

Orem Youth Council

Mission Statement: To aid in the participation, development, and service of our fellow youth in our community through example, leadership, and service opportunities.

  • Provide leadership training at the community level.
  • Provide an opportunity for the youth to acquire a greater knowledge of and appreciation for political systems through active participation.
  • Educate the youth so that they can participate within the current governmental system and make a positive change in their community.
  • Help the elected officials solve problems and accomplish the goals of their community by working directly with the representatives of the youth.
  • Serve the youth of the community by informing elected officials of the needs and wishes of the youth by planning and implementing social, educational, cultural, community service and recreational activities for the youth.
  • Teach Youth Council members to work with public officials, school administrators, civic clubs and service organizations to provide service and leadership opportunities.
  • Instill a feeling of positive self-worth and esteem, to teach teamwork and respect for the rights and property of others, to promote community pride and to eliminate potential negative influences among our future community leaders.

Orem Youth Council is open to students in the 10th-12th grades.

Orem Neighborhood Commission

The Orem Neighborhood Commission advises city leaders and management on neighborhood related issues, helps determine neighborhood plan priorities and projects, and is another positive information resource for Orem residents.  

The Commission is made up of 9 residents – each representing one of the nine neighborhood districts.  Members serve three years, are selected through an application and interview process, and are approved by the City Council.  The Commission has meetings twice a year in the spring and fall and/or as necessary. 

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is regulated primarily by state law and works to promote planned and orderly growth within the community. Items referred to the Planning Commission for their recommendation to the City Council include General Plan amendments, rezone requests, conditional use permits, annexations, deep lots, and PRD’s. The Planning Commission approves subdivision maps and commercial and industrial site developments.

Planning Commission Meetings

7 Members – 3-year term
Appt. By Mayor

Recommendation or Approval

Everyone has the right to develop their property. The Planning Commission only has the right to regulate the property in harmony with State, Federal, and local law. They are not all powerful and it is important to understand their powers and constraints.

The Planning Commission has recommending authority on some items and final approving authority on other items. The Planning Commission has final approving authority for commercial site plans and preliminary subdivision plats. In granting approval, the Planning Commission may only consider whether the applicant has met all of the requirements of the ordinance. If the ordinance is met, the Planning Commission must approve the applicant’s request for approval. If the ordinance has not been met, the Planning Commission must deny the applicant’s request for approval. Issues such as overcrowding of schools, general traffic increases, obstruction of neighbors’ views, and the financial viability of a project are not written requirements of the ordinance, therefore the Planning Commission may not consider them.

When the Planning Commission has recommending authority, they make recommendations to the City Council who will hear and decide the item at a later date. The Planning Commission is concerned with land use issues and works to encourage planned and orderly growth within the City. Most of their time is spent in planning the future of the City. They make recommendations to the City Council regarding the General Plan, rezones and ordinance revisions/amendments that will implement the desired goals. They also make recommendations regarding planned residential developments and conditional use permits.

Public Meetings v. Public Hearings

All Planning Commission meetings are public meetings, which means that they are meetings held in a place where the public can listen and observe. The Planning Commission Chairperson has discretion whether to invite public comment. Some items in a public meeting are also required by law to be public hearings which means that there will be time during the hearing where the public has the right to make comments if they desire. If the item before the Planning Commission is a public hearing, the staff will introduce the item to the Planning Commission. The applicant will then make a presentation followed by questions from the Planning Commission. The Chairperson of the Planning Commission will then open the public hearing and return the discussion solely to the Commission for discussion and resolution.

Citizen Participation

The Planning Commission welcomes public comments and desires to be fair. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Move to one of the side microphones so comments will be picked up on the tape recording system.
  2. Use a spokesperson if many from a neighborhood have similar concerns.
  3. Refrain from repeating points already mentioned.
  4. Avoid applause or disruptive comments.
  5. Be concise in your comments.
  6. Be respectful and courteous. Everyone is doing the best they can. We may not always agree with each other but we can disagree without being disagreeable, argumentative or rude.


The City appreciates your interest and involvement in the affairs of the City. The City relies on you to staff the Planning Commission and its subcommittees. Please feel free to give input to the Planning Commission and Staff on what the City stands for and how it should be planned. Government is only effective to the degree that citizens get involved in their community and neighborhoods.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please call Jason Bench at 229-7238 or any member of the Planning Commission. They will be happy to meet with you.

Public Safety Advisory Commission

The Public Safety Advisory Commission acts as an advisory commission to the Orem Police Department and the Orem Fire Department.

The main goal of this commission is to provide support, encouragement, and receive citizen input regarding community needs related to public safety. This includes analyzing and evaluating community expectation of emergency services, increasing citizen awareness through community engagement and improved transparency, as well as assisting in and advising public safety about issues involving community emergency response. The Public Safety Advisory Commission also periodically presents reports to the City Council.

7 Members – 3 Year Term.

Two appointments chosen by the Chief of Police, two appointments chosen by the Fire Chief, and three appointments chosen by the Mayor.

Public Works Commission

This commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding City infrastructure, including water, sewer, storm water, street lights, roads, telecommunications, broadband fiber, cemetery, parks, and fleet.

Recreation Advisory Commission

The Recreation Advisory Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on all matters pertaining to the recreation programs of the City, promotes recreation within the City, and stimulates public interest in recreation.

Senior Citizen Advisory Commission

The Senior Citizen Advisory Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on matters pertaining to the senior citizen program of the City, develops and promotes senior citizen programs, coordinates senior programs and activities with the City, the Utah Council on Aging, Mountainlands Association of Governments, and other agencies on the state and national levels.

SummerFest Committee

The Orem Summerfest Committee is responsible for planning and hosting the city’s premier annual community festival. Summerfest has been a city tradition for over 80 years and is a celebration of all the things that make Orem a great place to live and work. The vision for the event is to provide a week of fun activities and attractions for Orem families to enjoy together.

Transportation Advisory Commission

The Transportation Advisory Commission reviews and makes recommendations on transportation issues, programs, and improvements to the City Council. Some of these include speed limit changes, intersection improvements, and stop sign locations. This commission also recommends a Transportation Master Plan and updates to the Transportation Master Plan to the City Council.

7 Members – 3 Year Term

Appointment by Mayor