Orem Pick-Up & Recycling Schedule

Orem Film Plastic Recycling Pilot

WM and Orem are conducting a pilot to determine if film plastics (like grocery bags) can be effectively added to the mixed recycling stream. WM has installed new technology at its Salt Lake City Material Recycling Facility to collect these materials and bale them for sale to a manufacturer for a new life.

This pilot will occur from August 2023 to March 2024

Orem residents are encouraged to recycle clean film plastics including loose grocery bags, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, plastic wrap packaging (e.g., from around a case of plastic bottles), food storage bags and mailing packaging (envelopes, bubble wrap).  Film plastic should be disposed individually/loose (not bagged) in the recycling container. Do not put multiple bags in a larger plastic bag for disposal. For a guide of what is recyclable, go to orem.org/recycling/. 

With the previous technology, film plastics would clog up the sorting machines and create problems for recycling operations.  We are testing new technology to see if we can effectively sort these materials from the mixed stream. 

To see how a recycling facility works, and what the sorting equipment looks like, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSLBt2NEej0&t=19s. Please note, it’s a few years old and reflects our previous message “No film recycling.” That does not apply during this pilot.

Only Orem residents with curbside recycling are participating in this pilot.

The pilot has been extended until September 2024. WM will send a postcard at the end of the pilot to remind you of the end date.

If WM can effectively sort, bale and market the film plastic from single-stream (mixed) recycling, and if Orem agrees, we will seek to adjust our guidelines on what is acceptable in curbside recycling carts. 

The city will publicize any changes to the list of acceptable recyclables via its website, social media, newsletter and other channels. 

To learn more about what can be recycled in Orem’s normal program, go to orem.org/recycling/. You can ask questions about what can be recycled, find your collection schedule, and more.

The City of Orem has partnered with Recycle Coach to help citizens know how, when, and what to recycle. You can access the Recycle Coach services below or download the FREE app on your phone. Just search for “recycle coach” in your app store or click on the icon below.

Recycling Collection Info

The City collects recycling every other week.