About Orem

City of Orem Information

The City of Orem was incorporated in 1919.

The high point in the City is 5,232 feet above sea level (upper water tank). The low point is 4,494 feet above sea level (Spring Water Park). The elevation at State Street and Center Street is 4,771.7 feet above sea level.

At Center and State Street, the longitude is 111° 41’ 37” west and the latitude is 40° 17’ 50” north. The City is 18.24 square miles (or 11,674 acres).

Based on the 2015 census estimate, the population was 94,457, an increase of 6,129 residents (6.9% increase) compared to the 2010 census count of 88,328.

Based on the 2010 census, 27,337 people, or 30.9% of city residents were under age 18.

The taxable value of all property in the City of Orem for the tax year 2014 was $4,687,940,210.

In 2015, the estimated mean per household Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) was $65,944, with a mean exemption of 3.0 members per household and a mean per capita AGI of $19,339.

The average per house cost of Orem city services (General Fund) for 2015 was $153.13 per month.

There are 23 public schools in the City:
4 High Schools
3 Junior High Schools
16 Elementary Schools

There is one university, Utah Valley University (UVU), which has an enrollment of nearly 33,000 students and is now one of the largest institutions of higher learning in Utah.


There are 276 centerline miles of streets in the City. 19 miles are owned by the State of Utah, 14 miles are privately owned, and the City owns and maintains the remaining 243 miles.

In 2016, City crews laid over 3,600 tons of asphalt, repairing potholes, patching trenches and gutter lines, leveling lows, and replacing failed areas.

Approximately 3.25 miles of streets were reconstructed or overlaid, 3 miles received micro-surfacing, 25 miles were crack sealed, and 22 miles were slurry sealed.
The City maintains approximately 500 miles of sidewalk, curb, and gutter including over 4,300 access ramps.
City crews installed and replaced over 6,000 lineal feet of sidewalk, curb, and gutter, including 56 ADA compliant access ramps.


State Street is the busiest street in Orem. Over 61,000 average daily trips (ADT) are made by the traveling public. Other busy streets and associated ADT’s are shown below:

University Parkway – 56,000
800 North – 35,500
Center Street – 34,500
800 East – 20,500
1600 North – 24,500
800 South – 17,500
Geneva Road – 17,000
1200 West – 15,000
400 North – 13,000
Orem Boulevard – 12,000
Main Street – 10,500
400 South – 10,000
400 West – 8,500
1200 South – 7,500

The City maintains over 237,500 feet of fiber optic interconnect cable that connects all of the signals for coordination and for communication to City buildings and facilities.

Each year, the City uses 7,500 gallons of paint to stripe the City’s streets.

The City maintains 35.8 miles of bike lanes.

There are 5,231 lights located on public streets and 204 lights located at City parks and facilities.

There are 74 signalized intersections in Orem. The City maintains 34 (two of which are the new HAWK signals), UVU has one signal, which the City will help to maintain, and UDOT maintains 39 intersections.

There are 9,143 street address signs maintained by the City.

The City maintains 3,290 traffic signs, which includes 1,320 stop and yield signs, 365 speed limit signs, 635 school crossing signs, 722 other regulatory and warning signs, and 248 no parking signs.


There are 22 city parks, 34 parkways and boulevards, and other miscellaneous grounds incorporating a total of 357 acres. Within the city parks there are:
• 33 Rented pavilions
• 25 Picnic shelters
• 27 Tennis courts
• 28 Restrooms
• 25 Soccer fields
• 15 Lacrosse fields
• 6 Football fields
• 1 Frisbee golf course
• 19 Playgrounds
• 19 Baseball fields
• 5 Basketball courts
• 8 Horseshoe pits
• 1 Volleyball court
• 22 Miles of walking track
• All abilities playground at City Park
• Splash Pad at Palisade Park

Forty percent (60%) of the park & parkway grounds are watered utilizing a computerized turf irrigation system.
The city owns 3.5 acres of undeveloped land designated for a future park in Southwest Orem.

The Parks Section maintains the grounds around four of the city’s buildings including City Center, Senior Friendship Center, Fitness Center, and Public Works.
The Parks Section also maintains 3.5 miles of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and its Orem trailhead.
The City owns 175 acres of property that is operated by Sleepy Ridge Golf Course as an 18-hole municipal golf course.

It takes over 65,000 man hours to maintain all of the city’s properties. During an average year, park crews will mow approximately 15,000 acres of turf, apply 52 tons of fertilizers, clean restrooms 10,000 times, empty garbage cans 113,000 times removing 6,000 tons of trash, plant over 27,000 bulbs and 15,000 flowers, and prepare for approximately 1,000 pavilion reservations. During the winter, crews clear nearly 34 miles of sidewalks and 22 miles walking paths after each snow storm.



The City owns and cares for approximately 6,100 trees with a value of over $13 million. The City maintains around 263 different varieties of trees at 65 locations throughout the City.
The City received the Tree City USA award for the 24th consecutive year for 2016.







The City of Orem Cemetery covers thirty-nine (39) acres, including twenty-two (22) acres in the upper cemetery and seventeen (17) acres in the lower, undeveloped area. The upper cemetery is currently the only area used for cemetery operations. Because the upper cemetery is quickly reaching capacity, efforts are underway to develop portions of the lower section. In the past, the lower cemetery was used as a multi-purpose recreational field. Though the public still uses it for recreation, it is no longer scheduled for athletic events and will eventually be fully developed for cemetery operations.

When fully developed, there will be approximately 30,000 grave sites in both the upper and lower areas of the cemetery when fully developed. There are approximately 19,000 lots in the upper area and an estimated 11,000 lots will be available in the lower area. An area for cremation burial is being planned with the development of the lower area.

As of August, 2017, 9,522 people have been interred in the City of Orem Cemetery and approximately 9,180 more plots have been sold totaling 18,702 burial rights sold. This leaves approximately 1,185 whole lots available for purchase. Of those, 884 are lots where more than one lot can be purchased side by side. 301 are single lots where only one person can be buried. 297 are designated half graves and can be used for interring infants or cremations. 53 individual veterans’ lots remain, however there are no more side by side veteran burials.

In 2016, 346 people were interred in the cemetery and 483 burial plots were sold.



In 2016, residents of the City used an average of 284 gallons of water per person per day. The highest per capita usage was observed in the month of July at 536 gallons per person per day and the lowest was in the month of November at 119 gallons per person per day.

The highest water usage day in 2016 was July 15 with 54.70 million gallons and lowest usage day was December 25 with 9.35 million gallons.

In 2016, Orem produced 9.38 billion gallons of culinary drinking water. The highest usage year in the history of the City was in 2012 at 9.83 billion gallons of water.

The City currently maintains over 480 miles of water main and service lines and there are approximately 22,835 connections to the water system.

The City supplies water from wells (25%), springs (15%), and surface water (60%), which includes Deer Creek Reservoir, Jordanelle Reservoir, and the Provo River.



In 2016, the Orem Water Reclamation Facility treated an average of 8.1 million gallons of sewage per day.

The Wastewater Pretreatment Program oversaw 360 pretreatment permits in 2016.

The City currently maintains 293.25 miles of gravity sewer lines and 3.06 miles of pressure sewer lines for a total of 296.31 miles.

The Wastewater Collections Group cleaned over 270.10 miles of sewer mains and video inspected more than 43.20 miles of sewer mains in 2016.



The storm sewer system consists of:

3,200 Catch Basins
1,746 Sumps
1,582 Manholes
91 Miles of Ditches and Pipes
51 Detention Basins
47 Diversion Structures

There are 86 miles of irrigation ditches in the City.

City street sweeping crews swept nearly 6,236 miles of streets picking up over 1,755 cubic yards of debris in 2015.



The Fleet Maintenance division is responsible for servicing 305 vehicles (sedans, SUV’s, vans, and trucks); 133 medium- to heavy-duty pieces of equipment (riding mowers, tractors, backhoes, and sweepers); 66 trailers; and 578 small pieces of equipment (mowers, generators, compressors, etc.) totaling 1,080 pieces of equipment requiring regular service and maintenance.

In a typical year, Fleet Services will perform over 400 vehicle safety inspections (many vehicles are inspected every 6 months).

The City’s fleet of vehicles traveled just under 2,000,000 miles and used almost 210,000 gallons of fuel totaling just over $375,000 in 2016.



The Library is open 69 hours each week and serves the community with an excellent collection of books and non-print media, reference and advisory services, cultural programs, and exhibits.

The Library collection of nearly 375,000 items, including over 107,060 children’s books, 138,902 fiction and nonfiction books, 37,698 CDs, 31,188 DVDs and videos, 7,772 audiobooks, 74,000 e-books and e-audiobooks, maps, and miscellaneous items.

The Library has 64,369 registered patrons.

Annual circulation is over 1.1 million items.

For Fiscal Year 2015-2016, the number of Library visits was 429,563.

Over 45,000 patrons attended 937 programs at the Library.

Library services and programs received the benefit of over 15,000 hours of volunteer service.

Friends and supporters donated over 3,119 books and non-print items that were added to the collection.

Library staff assisted patrons with 212,420 reference transactions.

The in-house Internet stations were used over 27,000 times during the year, and there were approximately15,288 log-ins to the WiFi.

The Library maintains and exhibits the City’s permanent art collection, supports the activities of the Orem Arts Council, and manages the performance season at the Stage at City Center Park.



In 2017, the following CARE Projects were funded and completed:

Dog Park ($180,000) : Located at Mt. Timpanogos Park, it consists of large and small dog areas, drinking fountains for both dogs and owners, Double/Double doors for security, benches, and park lighting.

Splash Pad ($830,000): Located at Palisades Park. The splash pad includes five waterfalls, river bed, agricultural head gates, shade structures, over twenty individual nozzles.

Senior Center

Our center continues to grow, not only in membership but in daily average attendance. We currently have 2150 Active Members on record (up from 2045 last year) and our Average Daily Attendance (ADA) is 371 (up from 350 last year). These numbers have steadily increased since 2012 where the ADA was 99.
We served 14,189 meals and volunteered 14,443 hours with an average of 700 attendees each month playing BINGO. 1230 of our patrons went on 53 trips during the year including Tuachan for a two night stay and two shows, the Fillmore Art Festival, several BYU and Covey Center productions and many local activities.
We offered free tax services on site for 228 people, hosted Elder Quest classes, started weekly YOGA classes, learned how to fill out Medical Directives, had presentations on Senior Fraud, Alzheimer’s and Marquetry as well as had many of our seniors entertain us throughout the year culminating in our annual Grammy’s Award Show where we honor those volunteers.
Our seniors participated in the Utah County Fair with items they have made in wood shop, quilting and ceramics returning with 41 First Place ribbons, 2 Second Place ribbons and 1 Best of Show!
In December one of our patrons made an anonymous donation of $750 to cover the cost of the Christmas meal for all seniors who wanted to attend. We then challenged our patrons to donate what they would like to help us make Christmas a bit brighter for some of our seniors. They could even share a name, privately, if they knew of a specific senior in need of a boost. $621.45 was donated and we were able to give the gift of a warm, snuggly blanket, a can of cocoa, a new mug and lots of candy hugs and kisses to 14 of our dear friends. This was an amazing experience for givers, receivers and deliverers of the gifts.
We celebrate everything and everyday as we Put the BLING in the Golden Years!!

Program Division
Adult sports programs consisted of volleyball, softball, basketball and tennis, with participants numbering 4280
There were 293 participants in the employee Spring into Fitness, City Starts, and Biggest Loser employee wellness programs.

Youth sports included adapted t-ball, basketball, little and super hoopsters basketball, fishing, flag football, girls softball, lacrosse, little athletes, machine pitch, t-ball, coach pitch, tennis, tiny tots sports, tennis, track, volleyball, and wrestling. Participants totaled 4117

Fitness Center

The Orem Fitness Center continues to be valuable recreational and fitness asset to the community. Current total active members 12,359, daily visits to the Fitness Center totaled 361,575. A total of 81 local companies have corporate memberships.

Swim lessons continue to be an important service that is provided at both the Fitness Center and Scera Park pool. A total of 2,732 participants were involved in the learn to swim program.

Water aerobics classes were held at both the indoor and outdoor pools, with the participants attending the classes a total of 10,600 times.

Group fitness aerobics classes are a big part of the Orem Fitness Center. With over 48,394 total member participation.

Boy scouts participated in 381 merit badge pow-wow classes.


Fire Department

Fire and Medical Service personnel responded to 4776 EMS calls and 1411 Fire calls.

Over 6,000 people attended our annual Fire Prevention Open House in October. This is an education activity where the public can come and learn about fire prevention, firefighting, EMS and see demonstrations by our firefighter/paramedics. The fire department conducted weekly public relations and community education tours and events. The fire department added new specialty fire, EMS and extrication equipment that will enhance our response, mitigation and patient care activities.

Fire Prevention Bureau Conducted:

• 1984 business and construction inspections.

• 735 Plan reviews.

• 16 Suspicious/undetermined fire investigations.



The Police Department responded to more than 61,809 calls for service in 2016.

Police Officers made 16,302 traffic stops and issued approximately 10,500 citations.
There were 3727 auto accidents investigated, including 500 injury accidents and 1 fatalities.

The department made 3820 arrests in 2016.

There were 1,670 theft crimes reported.

There was 1 homicide in 2016.

We currently have 88 full time police officers, 21 full time dispatchers, 5.5 Records personnel, 1.5 Evidence Technicians, 2.5 Victim Advocates, One Administrative Secretary, and several part time personnel.



Among the thousands of legal cases the Legal Services Department prosecuted during 2016, there were:

176 DUI’s
148 Domestic Violence Assaults
136 Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Child
84 “Other” Category Assaults
80 Domestic Violence Criminal Mischiefs
28 “Other” Category Criminal Mischiefs
82 Violation of Protective Order & Stalking Injunctions
445 Retail & Other Thefts
91 Disorderly Conducts
282 Alcohol-related Crimes
837 Drug-related Crimes
55 Assault On/Interference with a Police Officer
10 Auto Burglaries
63 Animal Problems

The most common charges filed were traffic violations, which included 502 cases of driving without insurance or proof of insurance.



There were 4,316 businesses licensed in the City of Orem in 2016. Of these businesses, 2,442 were commercial and 1,626 were home occupation, and 43 solicitors.

As of December 2016, there were an estimated 16,723 owner-occupied homes and 11,961 and rental units (including townhomes and condominiums) and an estimated 1,277 vacant dwelling units, for a total exceeding 29,961 dwelling units in the city. The estimated population for Orem is 97,653.

There were 9,483 building inspections completed during 2016.

There were 1,560 building permits issued in 2016 with an estimated value exceeding $137,000,000.



The Facilities Section maintains the City Center, Public Safety, Library, Senior Center, Public Works buildings and Fire Stations 1, 2, and 3.