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Green Waste Recycling
March 1 – November 30

If you need to order a new garbage can or your garbage can is broken, missing, stolen, etc., please call 801-229-7275

If your garbage can wasn’t emptied this week, please call Waste Management at 888-496-8824

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Garbage Routes Map

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Delayed Garbage Pickup Days

During a holiday week when service days fall on a holiday or the day after, collection may be delayed by one day. Normal scheduled service will resume the following week.

The 2019 Holidays that will cause a one-day delay are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Full 2019 Recycling Schedule
If you feel that you were skipped on garbage pick-up day, please call 801-229-7275.


Waste Management Customer Service Contact Info

Customer Service


Phone: 888.496.8824

Hours: M-F 8am – 5pm

Benefits of Green Waste & Recycling

Green Waste

The City offers curbside green waste collection beginning March 1 through November 30 each year. Pickup is weekly on the same day as the regular garbage collection day.

If you have questions, or want to sign up, call us at (801) 229-7275.  To have a can repaired or replaced, call (801) 852-0060

If you are not participating in the curbside program or if you have more green waste than your can will hold, you may take it to the North Pointe Transfer Station at 2000 West 200 South Lindon (far west end of Orem’s 2000 North).

The City of Orem will provide residents with a regular landfill pass for regular garbage loads in the spring and fall. This pass will be included in your utility bill. This is a pass for a single load, no exceptions will be made.

You can reach the North Pointe Transfer Station at (801) 225-8170.

The first thing they teach students in an Economics class is that resources are scarce. Recycling is an excellent way to conserve and re-use those scarce resources. Recycling is important to the environment and saves the City money in landfill fees. It conserves natural resources and preserves a legacy of resources for future generations. In many areas, recycling is mandatory; Orem City has chosen to keep it voluntary. However, as Mayor Washburn has challenged, “we need to lead out in Orem, set the precedent, and make recycling and conserving resources a part of life.” Orem City has an automated recycling program that residents can participate in.


“We need to lead out in Orem, set the precedent, and make recycling and conserving resources a part of life.”

– Mayor Washburn

The recycling bin looks like the regular trash bin, except that it is blue. Participation is extremely simple; residents can put all their recyclables (all paper products,  plastics and all metals-tin, aluminum etc.) inside the bin without separating them and wheel the bin out to the curb every other week. A schedule of pick up days will be delivered with the bin. To set up service, call our Utility Billing department at (801) 229-7275.


Residents can sign-up for recycling and/or green waste service by calling Orem City Utility Billing at (801) 229-7275.


Orem City

Administrative Services
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Taking Waste to the Dump Yourself

When you have more garbage or green waste than will fit in your can, you may take that trash to the landfill on your own. The North Pointe Landfill is located at 2000 W 200 S, in Lindon. They are open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm M-F and 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday.  Orem is a ‘participating’ city so as you can see on the attached fee schedule, you will receive a reduced rate on your load.  Please be sure to take proof that you are an Orem resident in the form of an ID with your Orem address or your Orem City Utility bill. There is no charge for loads containing only green waste as long as your load is covered and you provide proof of Orem residency.

Check out North Pointe’s fees on their website.

Christmas Tree Drop Off

CITY OF OREM        


The Department of Public Works will have dumpsters and/or drop off locations for citizens to dispose of their Christmas tree starting in early January. This is the City’s Annual Christmas Tree Drop-Off Program.  You must transport your tree(s) to a designated collection site listed below.  Designated dumpsters or drop sites are located at each of these locations.  Please remove all tree decorations and place your tree in the dumpster or at the designated drop off site as indicated by the posted signs.

Flocked trees and household rubbish are not accepted and must be disposed of at the North Utah County Transfer Station located at 2000 West 200 South, Lindon. 

This is for Christmas Trees Only

Please do not leave your tree at an unmarked location or leave it on your city street.  Schools, churches, or other private dumpsters are not approved Drop-Off locations.  Your cooperation is appreciated. 

Drop Sites: 

Sharon Park, 500 North 275 East

Foothill Park, 1010 North 1200 East

Scera Pool, 600 South State Street

Hillcrest Park, 1400 South 700 East

Cherry Hill Park, 1800 South 220 East

Westmore Park, 1050 South Main

Springwater Park, 945 South Artesian Road

Lakeside Park, 400 South Vineyard Way

Dumpster Sites:

Bonneville Park, 1500 N 800 W

Cascade Park, 200 N 925 E

City Park, 200 E 100 N

Community Park, 580 W 350 S

Northridge Park, 1750 N 165 E

Scera Park, 550 S 400 E

Windsor Park, 120 W 1250 N

Nielsen’s Grove, 375 W 2000 S

IHC Soccer Field, 600 W 400 N