The City Council consists of the Mayor and six Council members who are all elected at large. Although the Mayor leads the City Council, this position carries one vote – equal to the rest of the City Council.

The City of Orem has a Manager/Council form of government which allows for a full-time City Manager and part-time Mayor. The Mayor and Council members serve staggered four-year terms on a part-time basis. Elections in the City of Orem are non-partisan.

To schedule an appointment with the Mayor, please call 801.724.3803

City Council Areas of Focus

2024 Meeting Schedule

Safe & Livable Neighborhoods

Dependable Infrastructure

Community-Focused & Effective Government

Thriving & Balanced Business Environment

Skilled & Talented Workforce

Contact the Council

(1st Term 2026)
Phone: (801) 600-0429

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Utah County Council of Governments
  • Envision Utah Board of Directors
  • Envision Utah Executive Board
  • Mountainland MPO Regional Planning (Transportation)
  • Mountainland MPO Finance Committee
  • Mountainland Association of Governments Executive Council
  • Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors
  • Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee
  • Miss Orem Scholarship Board of Directors
  • Economic Development Corp of Utah Board of Directors
  • Utah Valley University Community Outreach Board of Advisors

(1st Term 2028)

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)
  • Beautification Commission
  • Oremfest Commission
  • Natural Resources Stewardship Commission 

(1st Term 2028)
Phone: (801) 916-0812

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Library Advisory Commission
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Utah League of Cities and Towns
  • Oremfest Commission







(1st Term 2024)
Phone: (801) 787-4306

Boards & Committee Assignments

  •  Heritage Advisory Commission
  • Transportation Advisory Commission
  • UTOPIA Board
  • CARE Commission
  • Utah Valley University Board







(3rd Term 2026)
Phone: (801) 318 – 3010

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Public Works Advisory Commission
  • Orem Youth Council
  • IHC Outreach Committee







(1st Term 2026)

Phone: (801) 836-8733

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Utah Lake Commission
  • Arts Council
  • UCCU Board Member
  • Orem Neighborhood Commission







(3rd Term 2026)
Phone: (801) 319-0217

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Planning Commission
  • Recreation Advisory Commission
  • Senior Citizen Advisory Commission
  • Public Safety Advisory Commission
  • CARE Commission

Duties of City Leaders

City Council Meeting Policies & Procedures