The City Council consists of the Mayor and six Council members who are all elected at large. Although the Mayor leads the City Council, this position carries one vote equal to the rest of the City Council.

The City of Orem has a Manager/Council form of government which allows for a full-time City Manager and part-time Mayor. The Mayor and Council members serve staggered four-year terms on a part-time basis. Elections in the City of Orem are non-partisan.

To schedule an appointment with the Mayor, please call 801-229-7035.

City Council Areas of Focus

Safe & Livable Neighborhoods

Dependable Infrastructure

Thriving & Balanced Business Environment

Community-Focused & Effective Government

Skilled & Talented Workforce

Contact the Council

(1st Term 2026)
Phone: (801) 600-0429

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Utah County Council of Governments
  • Envision Utah Board of Directors
  • Envision Utah Executive Board
  • Mountainland MPO Regional Planning (Transportation)
  • Mountainland MPO Finance Committee
  • Mountainland Association of Governments Executive Council
  • Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors
  • Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee
  • Miss Orem Scholarship Board of Directors
  • Economic Development Corp of Utah Board of Directors
  • Summerfest SubCommittee
  • Utah Valley University Board of Advisors

(1st Term 2024)
Phone: (801) 787-4306

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Utah Lake Commission | Transportation Advisory Board | UTOPIA

(2nd Term 2024)
Phone: (801) 319-8655

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Arts Council | Summerfest Committee | Natural Resource Stewardship Commission

(3rd Term 2026)
Phone: (801) 318 – 3010

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • IHC Outreach | Heritage Advisory Commission | Orem Youth Council

(1st Term 2026)

Phone: (801) 836-8733

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Public Works Advisory Commission | UCCU Board Member | Historic Preservation Commission | Library Advisory Commission

(1st Term 2024)
Phone: (801) 916-0812

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • ULCT Legislative Policy Committee | UVU Community Outreach | Planning Commission

(3rd Term 2026)
Phone: (801) 319-0217

Boards & Committee Assignments

  • Beautification Commission | Recreation Advisory Commission | Senior Citizen Advisory Commission | Public Safety Advisory Commission

Duties of City Leaders

City Council Meeting Policies & Procedures