Location: 1520 N. 800 E.
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
(Appointments are recommended)
After hours charge (4:00 pm & later) – $78.00 per 30 minutes
Phone: 801.229.7124
Fax: 801.229.7402
Email: cemetery@orem.org

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Cemetery Fees

Interments Resident Non-Resident
Adult/Junior Burial $630 $785
Veteran Burial (Standard rates apply) Lots available only at time of death. Only single lots remain. $630 N/A
Infant Burial (1 year old and under and Vault size less than 50”) $420 $525
Interment Cremation $315 $390
Saturday Charge (In addition to regular interment charge) $420 $525
Overtime Charge (Monday – Saturday assessed every half hour after 4:00pm) $78 $78
Disinterments (Any non cremation burial) $1,570 $1,570
Disinterment (cremation) $525 $525
Cemetery Lots
Single Burial Lot (Upper Cemetery) $1,255 $1,570
Single Burial Lot (Lower Cemetery) $1,570 $1,960
Half Lot Where Available (Upper Cemetery) $630 $785
Half Lot Where Available (Lower Cemetery) $785 $980
Burial Veterans Lot (Orem Resident Veterans Only)
Lots available only at time of death. Only single lots remain.
$0 N/A
Certificate of Burial Right (copies, title changes, transfers) $31 $31
Certificate of Burial Right Non-resident Transfer (Other than immediate family) $31 $300
Headstone Inspection & Setting Fee $77 $77

Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a burial lot cost?

Cemetery fees are determined by the principal place of residence of the individual purchasing the burial rights. To access all cemetery fees, view the fee chart above.

Please note that when purchasing a burial lot, you are purchasing the right to be buried in the Orem Cemetery, not purchasing property. The City retains ownership of the property and guarantees to maintain the cemetery grounds.  (City Ordinance: Chapter 8)

If you would like to finance a burial lot purchases, a 25% down payment per lot is required, with installments paid over a 12 month period to pay the balance. There is no interest on the balance due. If a burial lot is needed for an immediate burial it must be paid in full before the service.

Please Note: As of July 1st 2015 the City of Orem has changed its fee schedule for nonresidents. Definitions of resident are listed below.

 1)     Resident:

a.     â€śPrincipal place of residence” means the single location where a person’s habitation is fixed and to which, whenever a person is absent, that person has the intention of returning.

b.     â€śResident” means a person whose principal place of residence is within the legal limits of the City of Orem. 

2)     A person resides in the City if:

a.     The persons principal place of residence is within the City: and

b.      The person has a present intention to maintain the person’s principal place of residence in the City permanently or indefinitely.

3)     A person has not lost the person’s principal place of residence in the City if that person moves to a foreign country or another city, or state for the temporary purposes with the intention of returning.

4)     A person is not a resident of the City if that person comes for temporary purposes and does not intend to make the City the person’s principal place of residence.

5)     A person loses the person’s principal place of residence in the City if the person moves outside the legal limits of the City with the intention of making the other location the person’s principal place of residence.

How much is a burial Opening & Closing Fee?

Resident and nonresident interment rates are determined by the deceased’s principal place of residence, not the location of their death. To access all cemetery fees please view the fee chart above.

Are there any other fees that need to be considered when scheduling a burial?

There is an overtime charge that begins at 4:00 PM. It is $75 per half hour. This fee is billed to the Mortuary responsible for the service. Overtime fees will be assessed until the cemetery crew completes the burial, not when the family leaves the cemetery.

Can burials be scheduled for a weekend or holiday?

Saturday burials are permitted at an additional cost. To view the current Saturday burial fees, see above. The cemetery is closed on Sunday and holidays.

Do you have a Veterans section?

Yes, for Orem resident Veterans and their spouse. You must be living in Orem at the time of death and have served as a member of the US Armed Forces. 

Please note that there are only single lots remaining in the Veterans area. Veterans may also consider inquiring for burial information at the following:

Utah Veterans Cemetery & Memorial Park
17111 South Camp Williams Road
Bluffdale, Utah 84065
Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Office: (801) 254-9036
Fax: (801) 254-5756

Is the cost for Veterans the same?

No. The burial lot is donated to the Veteran. The spouse of the Veteran may purchase a plot at the regular rate. Attention only single lots remain, so any lot in this section would not be next to the Veteran.

Both plots are subject to regular opening and closing rates. Saturday and overtime fees still apply.

This service is only available in the Veterans section of the Orem Cemetery.

Are cremation burials permitted in the cemetery?

Yes. An adult burial lot can accommodate up to four cremations. Half lots can accommodate two cremations. 

Remember all names of the persons interred in the lot must be on the single headstone. Veteran cremation burials in the veteran’s area are only available to the veteran and spouse. Only two cremations are allowed in these lots.

Do you have an infant or children’s cemetery?

Not at this time.

Are infant or cremation burials allowed in a burial lot already occupied?

Yes. Written permission is required from the lot owner(s). If the existing stone does not have sufficient room for the names, DOBs, & DODs of the person(s) interred, a new headstone will be required that will accommodate all the new/additional information. 

There is only room for one headstone per burial lot.

What is the process for a disinterment?

Please contact the cemetery office about the disinterment requirements. Call 801-229-7124.

Do you have double deep burials?

No, ground conditions are not favorable for double deep burials.

Headstones & Vases

What are the headstone requirements for the Orem Cemetery?

All headstones are required to be flat, and flush to the ground. The headstone must be entirely made of granite or a granite stone set in a concrete foundation. A granite headstone set in concrete is required to have a six inch concrete border. A headstone made entirely of granite must have a frosted or polished six inch defined border.

What are the headstone dimension requirements?

A headstone for a single burial lot cannot exceed 40 inches by 40 inches with a minimum of 6 inches thick. Most single stones are 12 inches by 24inches, with a six inch concrete border, thus they are 24 inches by 36 inches (including the border).

What are the dimensions of a double headstone?

A double headstone cannot exceed 80 inches in width and 40 inches tall.Remember that also includes the required six inch border. Most double headstones average around 18 inches tall by 42 inches wide, with a six inch border, thus making the total 30 inches by 54 inches (including the border).

Can more than one headstone be placed on a grave?

No, there is only one headstone per grave. Foot headstones or markers are not allowed.When more than one person is buried in a single grave, all names, DOBs, & DODs of the person(s) interred must be on a single headstone.

What happens should the headstone cement or granite crackand is broken, or damaged? Who is responsible?

The City is not responsible for the condition of grave markers and mow strips, nor is the City responsible for the type, quality, and durability of materials used in the burial and grave marker installation and setting process. Due to factors outside the control of the City such as weather and usage of the cemetery by the public and other third parties, damage or degradation may occur to mow strips or grave markers, and the City is not liable for this damage or degradation. If it can be determined who damaged a mow strip or grave marker, please contact the responsible party for replacement and/or repairs.

Who is responsible to level the headstone(s)?

Call the cemetery office at 801-229-7124. Settling of burial lots is normal and can occur over longer periods of time. Maintenance crews do the best job possible at the time of the service and to monitor this issue. With thousands of headstones, any notification of problems such as sinkholes or headstones that need leveling is appreciated.

The vase is missing or broken! Who’s responsible?

The City is not responsible for vases or items placed on the headstone or in the ground. Activity within the cemetery makes it impossible for the City to determine who damages or removes vases, this includes any items left on the headstone. The City performs routine maintenance duties such as mowing and snow removal using small equipment and trucks. If a vase is damaged during these activities it will be replaced. It is strongly recommended that vases be turned down or removed during the winter months or when not in use.

What about the tire marks on my headstone?

Unfortunately tire marks will occur from mowing equipment and trucks. Sometimes the number of decorations that are on the grave or surrounding graves will increase the amount of turning the mowers need to operate. Every effort is used by mower & equipment operators to avoid driving over a headstone. However, most tire marks will disappear after watering. If there is an excess of tire marks, please contact the cemetery and crews will attempt to clean the headstone. (Call 801-229-7124)


Why are my decorations missing?

Typically, one week after the funeral, maintenance crews will pick up and dispose of any flowers left on the burial lot. Other decorations that may be of value may be stored by our maintenance shed. Please call the cemetery office at 801-229-7124.

Once the headstone is set, and the decorations are placed on the headstone, as per City ordinance, maintenance crews do not dispose of the decorations that meet the ordinance. The exception is flowers that have died and are no longer viable.

Furthermore, anything stuck in the grass around a headstone or burial lot will be pulled. In addition, strong canyon winds occur from time to time that blow decorations off graves. Maintenance crews attempt to watch the Cemetery carefully and put decorations back in their place. Unfortunately, it is difficult to know exactly which burial lot the decorations were on. Because the cemetery is open 24 hours a day it’s difficult to know if someone is taking items that belong to them or not. To discourage theft we suggest that items/decorations are clearly marked with an identifying mark. This might discourage someone from taking it, and it also helps families identify items that belong to them.

Can decorations be put out for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day holiday is the one occasion that the cemetery allows decorations to be placed anywhere on the grave, up to the week following the holiday. Unfortunately, it is also the week that we get the most theft. We recommend that you don’t leave anything of value for more than one or two days and even then you are taking a chance on it missing. If possible, come and get your decorations right after Memorial Day. Later in the week the chance of someone removing your decorations or items is higher.

Cemetery maintenance crews remove all decorations the Monday following Memorial Day. It is the only time that all decorations, even those on the headstones, are removed. It is recommended that any decorations of value or that the family desires to keep, please remove ahead of the Monday following Memorial Day. Typically, decorations are hauled to the landfill for disposal.

Lower Cemetery Construction FAQs

Why do I see construction activity in the big field below the City cemetery?

It’s time to expand. The Upper Cemetery is reaching capacity. Only 4% of the graves remain available to purchase in the upper cemetery.

When were plans made to expand the cemetery?

Plans to expand to the Lower Cemetery were originally developed in June, 1995 and refined in January, 2018. Read the brief history below.

A brief history of the Orem City Cemetery:

In 1941, a group of Orem citizens foresaw the need for a city cemetery. Originally, this group purchased over 100 acres of land in northeast Orem, known as the Shay property. Their intent was to develop this property as the City Cemetery.

In March 1943, the City’s administration approved plans for the development of the cemetery. However, cemetery lands had been sold off or used for unintended purposes despite these plans. In the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District purchased approximately 52 acres of this land for the construction of the water treatment plant. This treatment plant now sits on the hillside above the current cemetery. Also, since 1943, other parcels of land were gradually sold off to private individuals, or were developed to support other City services and operations.

In April 1993, a City Cemetery Master Plan was developed outlining the future of the cemetery. The question at that time was, “Is it the City’s responsibility to provide a place for individuals to be buried or is this a service left up to private individuals or businesses?” At a City Council Meeting, held on April 6, 1993 , the City Council decided the city should provide its citizens a place in which to be buried and authorized staff to begin the process of acquiring land south of the existing cemetery for future expansion.

By early 1995, all Lower Cemetery properties had been purchased by the City, yet some of these properties had residents leasing the property until early 1996. City Council meetings were held on June 13 and 27, 1995, that discussed design options for the Lower Cemetery. On June 27, 1995, the City Council, by resolution, adopted the final expansion design of this property.

This expansion included all property south of the Murdock Canal bordered by 1200 North along the south, 800 East on the west, the Murdock Canal along the north, and the subdivision to the east. It incorporated an additional 18+ acres of land for future cemetery service. The land has been used for recreation including soccer practices and games until recently when it was closed to prepare for cemetery expansion, which should occur in July, 2019.

What will the lower cemetery look like?

Where can I play soccer or similar sports?

Palisade Park, located at 1240 East 850 North, is just a mile away and has a large open area to play soccer and other sports.

Can I walk my dog?

No animals are allowed at the cemetery (City Code: 8-1-20), so walking your dog at the cemetery, even with a leash, is not allowed.

Can I fly my RC airplane?

Not after the lower cemetery is opened. That activity is considered not conducive to a respectful cemetery setting.

Can I have sod from the road construction area?

No. Sod is being used in to repair winter damage throughout the cemetery and other areas in the city.

Agreement Relinquishing Burial Rights

  • Application Granting Permission for Burial

  • City of Orem Cemetery Burial Report

  • Grave Marker Installation Request

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