Each City Council candidate was given the same 5 questions:

  • Tell us about yourself and past experience or past experiences that have prepared you to be a city councilmember.
  • What would your priorities be as a city councilmember?
  • What are Orem’s biggest strengths and how would you build on them?
  • What do you perceive as the biggest issues facing Orem and how would you address them?
  • Do you have any closing remarks or anything else you would like residents to know?

Matt McKell

Spencer Rands

Crystal Muhlestein

Heather M. Fry

Greg Duerden

Jenn Gale

Chris Killpack

David Edward Garber

Jeff Lambson

Mike Carpenter

Archie A. Williams III

Archie A. Williams III did not participate in the video interviews.

Wade A. Sewell

Wade A. Sewell did not participate in the video interviews.