The City has been publishing WaterWatch, a print publication delivered with utility bills, for several years. Now we are moving to a digital format. Keep an eye out here to see the latest about storm water and water related issues.

2024 Storm Water Education

January – Snow Removal

February – Why street puddles, why basins in the parks?

March – Chemical Storage and Disposal

April – Best Practices in Yard Care

May – Grass Clippings

June – Orem’s Storm Water System

July – Fireworks and Proper Disposal

August – IDDE and Storm Water Hotline

September – Fall Leaves and Street Sweepers

October – Pet Waste

November – Pollution Reduction

December – Why Should I Care?

You can also access past issues of WaterWatch from the list below. Thanks for taking time to explore what there is to know about storm water and how you can help minimize pollution in the Provo River and Utah Lake.

WaterWatch Back Issues

Volume 1 Number 2 Storm sewer fees, culinary water statistics
Volume 1 Number 3 Home water emergencies, water reclamation information, storm sewer systems: initial systems vs major systems.
Volume 2 Number 1 3 things we’re doing to keep stormwater clean, the Provo River: a valuable resource, household hazardous waste tip: paint.
Volume 2 Number 2 Wise water use, recycle automobile fluids
Volume 2 Number 3 Car care for cleaner water
Volume 2 Number 4 Cleaning gutters, winterizing water systems, sewer endorsements for homeowner’s insurance
Volume 3 Number 1 Storm water treatment,
Volume 3 Number 2 Street sweeping, storm water presentations
Volume 3 Number 3 Car washing, sweeping vs. spraying sidewalks and driveways
Volume 3 Number 4 Clogged storm drains, paints and stains
Volume 4 Number 1 Construction activity ordinances pertaining to storm water, summer water conservation, storm water management plan public comment period
Volume 4 Number 2 Fertilizing the lawn, pet waste, website
Volume 4 Number 3 Water conservation, pesticide use part 1
Volume 5 Number 1 Sediment and erosion control, pesticide use part 2
Volume 5 Number 2 Flood prevention, pesticide use part 3
Volume 5 Number 3 Storm sewer fees, storm water quality
Volume 5 Number 4 Carpet cleaning and water quality, water conservation in 2005
Volume 6 Number 1 Household hazardous waste, ice and snow removal
Volume 6 Number 2 Water System Flushing, Common Household Cleaners
Volume 6 Number 3 Grass Clippings, Oil and Antifreeze
Volume 6 Number 4 Illicit Storm Drainage Connections, Gasoline, Leaves in Gutters
Volume 7 Number 1 Storm Drain Bond, Litter
Volume 7 Number 2 Dirty Construction Sites, Used Oil, 851-PURE, Cemetery Policy Change
Volume 7 Number 3 Lawn Watering, Salt, Inspecting Stormwater Facilities
Volume 7 Number 4 Backflow Prevention, Falling Leaves, Landscaping Materials
Volume 8 Number 1 New Public Works Complex, Winter Freezing, Street Sweeping
Volume 8 Number 2 Japanese Beetle, Used Oil Recycling
Volume 8 Number 3 Building and Remodeling, Lawn Care
Volume 8 Number 4 Snow Removal, Trash, Christmas Tree Dropoff
Volume 9 Number 1 Water System Flushing, Illicit Discharges
Volume 9 Number 2 Sewer Backups
Volume 9 Number 3 Pet Waste, Lawn Watering,
Volume 10 Number 1 Water Reservoirs, Landscape Stockpiles
Volume 10 Number 2 Spill Prevention and Cleanup, Car Washing
Volume 10 Number 3 GIS, Central Utah Gardens
Volume 10 Number 4 Lawn Care, Pesticides
Volume 11 Number 1 Illicit Discharges
Volume 11 Number 2 Snow Removal, Leave, Winter Freeze-Ups
Volume 12 Number 1 Rainwater Harvesting, Home Improvement Projects, Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Volume 12 Number 2 Spills, Concrete Washout, Pet Waste
Volume 12 Number 3 Garbage Can Cleaning, Pet Waste Bags
Volume 12 Number 4 Green Waste, Sewer Insurance Riders
Volume 13 Number 1 Spills, Concrete Washout, Pet Waste
Volume 13 Number 2 Rainwater Harvesting, Dumpsters, Old Paint
Volume 13 Number 3 Algal Blooms, Stormwater Hotline