Fluoride in Drinking Water

Has the City considered adding fluoride to our drinking water?

The topic has come up in the past, but Orem has decided to not fluoridate its drinking water. Due to the fact we don’t have a secondary supply, we would be treating all water used in Orem (lawns, washing cars, gardens, etc.).

Digging a hole on your property ⛏️

If you are digging a hole on your property for a basketball hoop, pool, tree, etc.. you can call Blue Stakes at 1-800-662-4111 and they will come and mark out the utilities on your property for free.

Recycling Antifreeze or Motor Oil

The City’s fleet management division will recycle antifreeze and motor oil for you free of charge. You can drop it off Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, at the Orem Public Works building, 1450 W 550 N.

Splash Pad Information

The Splash Pad is located at Palisade Park (1300 E and 800 N).

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10 AM – 8 PM.

There is also a snack shack that will be open from 11 AM – 8 PM Monday-Saturday.

There are two pavilions available to rent at the splash pad. Reserve one today by clicking here.

The Splash Pad is open seasonally from Memorial Day at 10 am to Labor Day at 8pm. After Labor Day, it is closed until the following Memorial Day.

Renting Rooms in City Facilities

The only rooms available to rent for non-city meetings are in the Orem Senior Friendship Center. To rent rooms at the Senior Friendship Center, please call Gena Bertelsen at 801-229-7111 or email her at gbertelsen@orem.org.

If the City is requiring you to have a neighborhood meeting, you can call 801-229-7000 to schedule the City Council Chambers.

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are issued by Utah County in Provo.

ADDRESS: 100 E Center St, room #3600 | Provo
PHONE: 801-851-8109

Can the Orem judge marry me?

Judge Parkin does not perform marriages at this time. For a list of judges who will perform marriages, contact the Utah County Clerk or go to their website and look under Local Officials Available to Solemnize Marriages section.