Storm Water

The Storm Water Utility is a Section of the Maintenance Division of Public Works. We operate and maintain the city’s storm drains year-round to minimize flooding and water pollution within the City of Orem.

The City of Orem storm drainage system is a separate storm water collection and conveyance system. It is not connected in any manner to the wastewater collection system.

Storm water is not filtered or cleaned before it is released to Utah Lake, the Provo River, or to the groundwater, so it can be a pollutant if it is not kept clean. 

Please direct any questions you have about storm water to the following people:

  • Rick Sabey, Field Supervisor @ 801-229-7545
  • Danny Spray, Project Manager, Construction SWPPPs @ 801-229-7573
  • Matt Petersen, Project Manager, Long-Term Storm Water Management @ 801-229-7574
  • Steve Johnson, Engineering Specialist @ 801-229-7556

It is a Federal and State offense to put anything other than storm water runoff into a storm drain. If you see any illegal dumping, or if you have a question, please call our 24-Hour Storm Water Hotline @ 801-229-7577.


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