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  State Stormwater Construction Permit
All the resources you need for general construction.

Utah Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program
Protecting ground water.

Land Disturbance Permit
Don’t disturb the earth without this permit.

Storm Water Management Plan
Let the plan guide you.

Developing your SWPPP Guide
Create your guide and follow it.

Construction SWPPP Template
The template is designed to help guide you through the SWPPP development process and help ensure that your SWPPP addresses all the necessary elements stated in your construction general permit.

Common Plan of Development SWPPP Template
This link will take you to the State’s website.

Select Common Plan Permit — Resources — then under Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan you will see a link that says “Common Plan SWPPP Template“. Clicking that will auto download an editable word document. This SWPPP applies when your site is small, but part of a larger common plan of development.

Orem SWPPP Preconstruction Submittal and Review Checklist
This form helps you ensure you have everything you need for your construction SWPPP. 

Drinking Water Source Protection Zones
This map is for reference only. Determination of Wellhead protection zone boundaries as applies to a specific property must be approved by the City Engineer.

Storm Water Construction Details
The standards for building storm water infrastructure.

Storm Water Construction Drawings
The standards in drawing form for building storm water infrastructure.

Storm Water Questionnaire
Orem’s Long Term Storm Water Management Plan Template.

Roof Drain Requirement

Education on pollutants and how to meet Orem design standards for roof drains