While The City of Orem does not own nor manage the irrigation canals that run through the City, some runoff from streets does go into irrigation canals. Here are some of the common questions we get from citizens regarding irrigation:

Q: There’s water running down the street but its not raining. Should I report this and if so who do I call?
A: It is fairly common for overflow from irrigation to run down City streets between the months of April and October. If you see water running down the gutter, you should report it if there is imminent danger of property damage. You can call 229-7500 during normal business hours and 229-7070 after hours to report emergency flooding situations.

Q: I am concerned about an open ditch that runs near my house. Who should I contact to get the open ditch put into a pipe?
A: Cleaning and changing pipe configurations are handled by the irrigation companies that operate in the City. To determine who to call, you can use the map below. (When using the address search, remember to include “Orem, UT”.)

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