Happy August! It’s hard to believe we are in August already.

As part of our efforts to improve every element of our great city, earlier this year, the City Council and I commissioned a
comprehensive employee survey conducted by the independent 3rd party, Onpointe Insights. This survey has provided invaluable insights into our city’s workforce over a wide range of employee issues, including intent to stay, engagement, priorities, mood, working conditions, and many more.

We are proud to announce that an unprecedented 95% or 434 of our full-time employees participated in this anonymous survey,
demonstrating their dedication to Orem and their desire to contribute to its ongoing success. One of the most exciting findings is that an overwhelming 80% of our employees believe that our city is currently moving in the right direction. Interestingly, in another section of the study, that same percentage, 80%, identified themselves as Motivated to start work each day.

Moreover, over half of all city employees have expressed their commitment to serve Orem for the long haul, with plans to stay for
six years or more. This shows our workforce’s unwavering loyalty and passion, which is crucial for our city’s continued progress.
In recent years, we faced significant challenges in recruiting and retaining experienced first responders in vital departments such
as Fire, Police, and Public Works. However, I am pleased to report that we have made tremendous strides in addressing these

Through collaboration with the City Council and executive leadership staff, we have implemented innovative programs like
the career step program, the apprentice program, more training, more internal promotion opportunities, as well as work culture
improvements to attract and retain the very best people. These initiatives have been instrumental in transforming these critical
departments into some of our most satisfied and committed employees.

Our commitment to the well-being and success of our city employees remains unwavering. As Mayor, my goal is to provide
our employees with everything they need to excel in their roles, ensuring they can deliver the best possible service to our

The survey results also highlighted areas where we can grow. We welcome the opportunity to improve, as everyone in our city
organization is committed to continuous improvement. The survey results were published just a few days ago, and we’ve already
jumped into action to incorporate the constructive feedback we have received from employees.

This feedback will be instrumental in shaping our future plans as we continue our journey toward making Orem the best-run city in
the state. We are excited that this independent and anonymous study, with 95% participation, shows that our City employees are highly satisfied, motivated, and focused on the mission to build a better Orem.

Several people recently asked me where they can find our monthly message. It’s simple. Go to orem.org/newsletters, and
you can find our current and past newsletters. 

You have one month of the summer left. Make it a good one. I’ll see you next month!

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