Housing in Orem

Check out the new Housing in Orem (www.orem.org/housing) highlighting housing plans, classifications, data, studies and maps. More will be added in the future as we continue planning, and analysis. 


“Orem seeks to be a city that is friendly for families at all of life’s stages. To accomplish this, a variety of housing options need to be supplied. When a young individual leaves home to study at Utah Valley University, they need to find student housing. If that individual decides to get married, they will seek an affordable place for a young couple. If that couple decides to have children, a larger home will be sought. 

When those children leave, that couple may wish to downsize. And if a partner dies, a widow or widower may prefer to live in a senior community where they can find support. Orem is greatly benefited by the contribution of its long-term residents. These are the residents that often donate countless volunteer hours and make meaningful contributions to their communities. To ensure these residents can stay long-term, it is important that the City make plans to allow for a variety of housing for all life stages.” – Orem General Plan, Chapter 4, Housing.


The Orem General Plan Outlines the following Classifications for Residential Zoning in Orem: 

  • Low Density Residential (below 4 units per gross acre)- The Low Density Residential (LDR) classification is established to provide the majority of the housing stock within Orem. Typical suburban neighborhoods with single family homes on individual building lots should comprise the majority of development within the LDR classification. Low density planned residential developments should be scattered evenly throughout the city subordinate to the single family home. This is less 4 units per gross acre.
  • Medium Density Residential (4 to 7 units per gross acre) – The Medium Density Residential (MDR) classification is established to provide for transitional areas where a higher density than the LDR classification is justified. An overall housing density between four (4) units per gross acre and seven (7) units per gross acre is acceptable within the MDR classification. 
  • High Density Residential (above 7 units per acre) – The High Density Residential (HDR) classification is established to provide areas for apartment and condominium buildings.  

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