Summer is quickly passing by.  Below are a few reminders to help when planting in flowers in Utah.
Choose the Right Flowers for Your Utah Garden

Choosing the right flowers for your garden is crucial to your gardening success. Some flowers that do well in Utah’s hot, dry climate are the following:

  • Chrysanthemums
    • Bloom from mid-July to November
    • Can grow almost anywhere in the US
    • Need full sun and fertile, well-drained soil
    • Often planted in small groups
  • Dahlias
    • Native to the Western hemisphere
    • Can grow in dry areas if watered enough
    • Bloom from July to November
    • Some varieties grow to over 6 ft. tall
  • Coneflowers
    • Attract butterflies
    • Bloom from June through October
    • Take full sun, but like a little shade during very hot days


      Yellow Daylily
  • Daylilies
    • Very adaptable to Utah soil and climate
    • Bloom for a few weeks during spring or summer (depending on the species)
    • Easy to pair with other flowers in your garden

Consult our local nurseries for more flower suggestions.

Water Your Garden Correctly

Just like your lawn, water your flower garden deeply and less often so roots anchor deep into the soil. Watering less frequently for longer periods of time forces flower roots to search deep for moisture, allowing them to be more resilient during the summer heat.

Many people water their flower gardens for 15–20 minutes every day. This is a mistake! Once plants are growing well in the flowerbed, watering 1–2 times a week for 30–45 minutes is best. Some plants can even go two weeks between watering sessions.

If you’re not sure when to water your flowers, you can try a couple of things to determine when they need water:

  • Plant an “indicator plant” that wilts quickly if it’s not watered well enough. It will let you know when to water!
  • Check the soil. If you can pick up a handful of soil and make a loose ball, then it is probably moist enough. If your soil is rock hard, you should have watered long before.

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