How Do You Imagine Orem Station? 

Imagine Orem Station is a landmark initiative focusing on the future of our FrontRunner station area. Together, we will develop a vision and plan that captures what residents, landowners, business leaders, and other stakeholders imagine and hope for, and an implementation strategy that charts a course toward realizing that vision at this key gateway in and out of our city. We have embarked on an engaging and educational process, drawing out informed and thoughtful ideas as we explore the possibilities. Together, we’re looking out 30 years to imagine the future that we want to create. That’s right. This is a public process that is open to everyone. It’s your voice and your project. Please plan to get involved!

The big question is this: What legacy do we want to create for future generations in this area? That answer becomes our vision.

How Can I Get Involved?

Evaluate the scenarios inspired by ideas from the public. Click here to learn more:

Your feedback will help shape the long-term vision and implementation plan for the area.

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