One of the things I never get tired of as Mayor is talking about all the great things happening in Family City USA. Orem is brimming with so much good news, I can’t get it all in this message. Here are just a few highlights I wanted you to know about.

James C. Christensen Memorial Playground – The City Council joined with 40+ members of the Christensen family to honor one of the greatest Orem artists of all time. Through this playground, we celebrate his remarkable contributions to our community and provide a space where families can come together, create joyful memories, and ignite their imagination.

Lowest Utility Rates in Utah County – We are proud to share that Orem’s utilities fees are the lowest in Utah County. This achievement reflects our commitment to ensuring affordable services for our residents while maintaining the highest quality standards. It’s a testament to the diligent efforts of our dedicated team and the responsible management of resources.

Securing Water for the Future – Speaking of resources, we’re taking big steps in making sure generations of future Orem residents have plenty of the most important resource of all: water. The new well and 10 million gallon tank at Heritage Park is a huge investment in our city’s vital infrastructure.

New Ballfields at Lakeside Park – Thanks to a $2 million grant from the county, these remodeled fields will offer Orem’s athletes thousands of additional hours to play, compete, and showcase their talents. This investment in our recreational facilities reinforces our commitment to fostering a vibrant and active community.

City Employee Study – We value and support our dedicated city employees and have created opportunities for them to learn, grow, and develop professional excellence in their fields. An in-depth survey is currently underway to evaluate their effectiveness and happiness. We are investing in our workforce so that we ensure Orem remains at the forefront of innovation and service.

These are just a few of the many positive developments happening in Orem. As a community, we have so much to be proud of, and it’s truly an exciting time to be part of our city’s journey. Let’s continue to build on these achievements and work together to make Orem an even more remarkable place to live, work, and play.

Mayor Dave Young

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