At the City Council meeting on July 11, 2023, the Orem City Council voted 5-0 to adopt a new city flag. 

The flag, designed by Brooks Advertising, was updated to include the city’s official slogan: Family City USA.

Speaking of the design and selection process, Council member LaNae Millett said, “When Brooks Advertising presented the different options for our new flag design in our work meeting, I immediately gravitated towards this white design. It really struck me as an emblem of opulence and positivity. I felt like it was a symbol of unity as it showcases our beautiful and majestic mountains, our impressive sunsets, and that squiggle down at the bottom represents our beautiful lake vistas. It also really celebrates our families in all their forms as it clearly states our motto of Family City USA. I feel like this is so unifying and inclusive and just representative of the beauty of our Valley.”

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