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Mero the Mammoth (Orem’s first resident) has taken a closer look at the City Council meeting agenda and has offered to fill you in on what’s happening.

The official published agendas can be found here:

City Council meetings are held at the address listed on the agenda and are broadcast on YouTube at

January 24, 2023


  • Presentation – City Hall project update
    •  An update on the project to replace Orem’s City Hall. Construction is anticipated to begin soon.
  • Presentation – Geneva Road project update
  • Presentation – URMA Risk Management Program
    • URMA (Utah Risk Management Agency) is a self-insurance pool that started nearly 40 years ago and has a robust safety and risk training emphasis. It offers some unique coverage options not available from other government insurance providers. URMA’s executive director will present information and take questions from the Council.

  • Presentation – CUWCD Water Conservation Program

  • Presentation – Equal Opportunity Plan


Mayor’s Report/Items Referred by Council
Items of interest, but not needing a vote.

  • Presentation – Future Business Leaders of America

Scheduled Items

  • Appointment to the Library Advisory Commission
    • Katrina Brittner
  • Appointment to the CARE Commission
    • Mary Schumacher
  • Reappointment to the Natural Resources Stewardship Committee
    • Sarah Bateman
  • Ordinance Amending Section 2-7-6 of the Orem City Code by enacting Subsection 2-7-6(s) Extension of Existing Contracts in Unfavorable Procurement Environment
    • The City purchases a wide variety of services, materials, and equipment in order to maintain its operations and to provide critical services to the citizens of Orem. The City normally engages in a competitive bidding process for most of the services, materials, and equipment that it purchases. However, Orem City Code Section 2-7-6 contains certain exceptions to the general competitive bidding requirements. Like the rest of the country, the City is currently experiencing unusually high inflation, labor an,d materials shortages as well as supply chain disruptions that impact its ability to cost-effectively purchase needed services, materials, and equipment. These conditions have created an environment where extending an existing contract for a limited time in limited circumstances may result in significantly more favorable pricing for certain services than would be obtainable through a competitive bidding process. City staff recommend that the City Council amend Section 2-7-6 of the Orem City Code to enact a new Subsection 2-7-6(S) that would create an additional exception to the City’s competitive bidding requirements to allow the extension of an existing contract without following normal competitive bidding requirements where the City Manager determines in writing that due to unusual economic conditions such as unusually high inflation or labor or materials shortages, that such extension is likely to result in significantly more favorable procurement terms for the City.
  • Resolution/Public Hearing – Amending the Campus Drive Residential Parking Permit Area
    • On August 23, 2005, the City Council created a residential parking permit area pursuant to Article 19-5 of the Orem City Code on the east side of Campus Drive between Westwood Drive and 300 South Street and along the east frontage of 651 East Campus Drive. Since that time, the use of certain portions of the Orem High School property adjacent to Campus Drive has changed such that the residents of most of the properties in the original parking permit area no longer wish to have their properties included within the parking permit area. However, the residents of the four southernmost properties from the parking permit area would like to remain in the parking permit area. In order to accommodate the wishes of the residents in the Campus Drive parking permit area, staff recommends that the Campus Drive parking permit area be amended to remove all of the properties except for the four southernmost properties from the permit area. The amended parking permit area would then consist of the east side of Campus Drive adjacent to the four southernmost properties from the original parking permit area.
  • Public Hearing – Amending portions of Chapter 4 (Housing) of the Orem General Plan including updating Section 4.4.2 pertaining to Moderate Income Housing
    •  In October 2022, Orem City amended the General Plan to comply with Utah State Code regarding Moderate Income Strategies. Orem was notified in November 2022 of corrections that needed to be made to the Moderate Income Strategies. The updates to correct the document need to be approved by the City Council.

Here are the parts of the agenda that generally stay the same:

  • Work session – a less formal venue for presentations, updates, and policy discussions among Council Members 
  • Informal break to eat dinner
  • Agenda review and preview of upcoming agenda items – The Mayor leads the City Council through a review of the items on that evening’s agenda.
  • City Council Reports – This is an opportunity for members of the City Council to share information from boards and commissions and raise any issues of concern. The report is assigned to a different Councilmember at each meeting.
  • Personal Appearances – Also known as “Public Comment,” this is the time set aside for the public to express their ideas, concerns, and comments on items not scheduled as public hearings on the current agenda. Comments should focus on issues concerning the city. Those wishing to speak will need to have signed in prior to the beginning of the meeting. Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. When there are a large number of people wishing to speak, additional guidelines may apply.
  • Consent Items – Items that are routine and don’t require additional discussion are placed on the consent agenda. Councilmembers will vote on these items together, instead of separately.
  • Scheduled Items – Items the Council may wish to discuss, are open for public comment, or include a presentation.
  • Communication Items – These are items received by the Mayor, Councilmembers, or City Manager which are intended for the entire Council. Action or discussion is optional.
  • City Manager Information Items This is an opportunity for the City Manager to provide information to the City Council. No action is required.

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