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Image to highlight Council Digest storyMayor Young and the Orem City Council announced at the beginning of this year an increase in the wages of our municipal employees whose positions were out of range in the most current market survey results. The city regularly makes salary adjustments as part of the annual budget process, but they could see that several areas needed some extra attention this year. They also wanted to see what changes were made by other agencies in their budgets, something that couldn’t be done before the deadline to approve Orem’s budget.

Anticipating inflationary pressures and a tight labor market, the City of Orem set aside funds to implement mid-year compensation adjustments for targeted positions. The City Council approved this, and Human Resources (HR) conducted an additional market survey this fall to identify and respond to significant compensation increases made by many other local agencies in their recently approved budgets.

HR proposed salary adjustments based on the new market survey results. The changes applied to approximately 45% of full-time employees and began with the January 8, 2023, pay period. The City Council was pleased to approve the proposed adjustments to allow Orem to be more competitive in the labor market. Thank you to the HR staff, and Jennica Jones in particular, for their hard work and research that made this possible.

Adjustments happened within the Police and Fire Departments as well with specific positions in other departments. Mayor Young said, “We’re proud of the hard work and dedication of our Orem City employees. You make Orem the only place we want to call ‘HOME.’”

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