You can check for service by calling UTOPIA directly at 801.613.3880 or going to the UTOPIA website at On the UTOPIA webpage select  the “residential” tab, choose “sign up”, complete and submit your address information. You can also use the live chat feature on the UTOPIA webpage during regular business hours. Simply click in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

Where is UTOPIA coming to in Orem in 2020-2021? You can see a map of the UTOPIA build out for 2020-2021 by going to the UTOPIA webpage at Hover over “Cities” in the top of the page, click on “availability maps” and click on “Orem.” You can also hover over “Cities” and click on “Build out Timelines” and scroll down to Orem. You can match the foot print numbers from different areas in Orem to the availability map to find the estimated completion time.

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