If UTOPIA expansion is underway in your neighborhood, you should receive a door hanger letting you know when work will begin. If you have questions or concerns with the work being done on your property, please contact the UTOPIA project manager Landon Beatty at 801.260.0988 or landon@bjacksonconstruction.com .

You can learn more about UTOPIA by clicking here.

UTOPIA Fiber continues to move forward with great success. Existing revenue is covering all UTOPIA operating expenses. UTOPIA’s sister company, Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA), is growing rapidly and generating significant revenue which is being used to expand the network. As UIA continues to grow, Orem City can expect completion of its city-wide network in the next few years. In addition, revenue from UIA will begin reducing the City’s annual sales tax pledge.

Since June 2019, they have made over 3,000 more homes available and by the end of the year will have an additional 2,200 more homes able to sign up for service. They have all remaining areas of Orem scheduled to be built out by the end of 2022. For information on build-out timelines and maps of availability, visit www.utopiafiber.com/buildout-timelines.

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