Everyone benefits from the Orem street lighting system but single-family homes have been paying the majority of the costs associated with the system. A proposed modified fee structure will broaden the billing base so that every residential unit pays the same amount. The lighting fees charged to businesses, churches, and schools will also change to be more equitable.

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Effective Nov. 1, 2016
In the 2016 Utah Legislative Session, a new law passed that requires retail water providers, such as the City of Orem, to create pricing that promotes water conservation. The title of the bill is “Water System Conservation Pricing” and requires that as customers use more water, the cost per gallon of water increases.

Upcoming Utility Projects & Needs

Replacement of 22,000 Water Meters

BCA has recommended automatic meter reading infrastructure to allow residents to get regular readings each month and throughout the month so that citizens can detect leaks and breaks in their water lines. The automatic meter readers will enable residents to closely monitor their own usage and make changes as they see necessary. This will be a great budgeting tool for families to help monitor water usage and costs.

New 10 Million Gallon Water Tank

The City of Orem has been borrowing space in a 20 million gallon tank owned by Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD). Due to the rapid growth of Utah County, CUWCD now needs the extra space. Orem needs to build its own tank to replace the space lost from CUWCD. This tank is being built for Orem and Orem alone. Vineyard has adopted a water use plan that includes building their own tank.

Water Re-use Infrastructure

Both Lakeside Park and Sleepy Ridge Golf Course are currently using drinking water to irrigate their turf. This project will allow for all of their turf to be watered with recycled water, thus conserving drinking water for Orem households and families. The alternative to this project is to upgrade the water mains to the area, but that is a much more expensive option and would result in the continued use of drinking water to irrigate turf. This project will also give more customers access to the less expensive recycled water for irrigating, manufacturing, and more.

Storm Water Pipe Network

Expansion is needed to many of our pipes and detention basins to prevent flooding in Orem neighborhoods.

Water Well Development

Additional wells are needed throughout the city to be able to provide reliable drinking water in Orem.

Sump Elimination and Groundwater Source Protection

Much of the city’s drinking water is pumped from underground wells. Removing direct water injection will prevent possible contamination.