Orem Public Works - Streets Section

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The City of Orem owns and Street Section maintains 241 center-line miles, 529 lane miles, or 809 curb-to-curb lane miles.  The estimated value of the City’s streets is $135 million.  This estimate only includes asphalt and base replacement at $2.85 sf.  In addition, we perform maintenance activities at 34 City-owned parking areas.

In addition, the Street Section also maintains 500 lineal miles of sidewalks, walking paths, ADA ramps, and gutter.  The estimated value of this infrastructure is approximately $120 million, this is based on $45 LF.

The Street Section has a little over $1.3 million financial impact on the General Fund.  Most of this impact ($1.08 million) is for employee salaries and benefits, and the rest is for equipment repairs, fuel, materials and miscellaneous items.  The Street Section relies heavily on the B&C Road Fund for concrete, asphalt and road salt materials, vehicle replacement, and other equipment purchases.

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