Open burning is regulated by the Division of Air Quality (DAQ). There are statewide rules in place that regulate open burning activities to help minimize emissions and ensure that the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are met.

Applicants that live in Orem are required to complete the open burn permit application. After the application is completed and submitted, a copy of the application will be sent electronically to the Orem Fire Department and the permit is valid.

Residential burn season for The City of Orem starts on March 30 and ends on May 30 and in the fall beginning September 15 thru October 30.

  1. Farmers have no changes.
  2. Clearing index must be at least 500 to burn (permit holder must check on the day the permit is for, if its below 500 the permit is void)
  3. It is no longer legal for anyone to burn anything related to property development, even trees and brush.
  4. No one is allowed to burn trash, dimensional lumber, tires etc.

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