In my time as Mayor, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with thousands of Orem residents. In our conversations, I’ve felt that the majority of our residents are guided by three core values: God, Family, and Country. 


As your elected representatives, we strive to make great things happen in Orem that align with these important values. In my message last month, I spoke at length about many of the things we’re doing to preserve and promote Orem as Family City USA. Our overarching mission and purpose as your city council is to create an environment where families can thrive. 


In what will ultimately be a three-part series of our community’s core values, in this month’s message, I would like to talk to you about the core value of God. 


First, I am pleased to inform you that at our next City Council work session, we will be discussing a resolution to begin displaying our national motto: “In God We Trust” on the City Seal, in the City Council chambers, and at the Orem City Center. 


“In God We Trust” has been our national motto since 1956 and appears on all of our currency. It is on display in many of our public buildings such as the House of Representatives and in our schools. It is also featured on one of the many styles of Utah license plates. At present four Utah cities or counties have adopted the motto.


There have been many legal attempts to end the national motto but time and time again, the courts have upheld the use of “In God We Trust”. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said that “eradicating such references would sever ties to history that sustains this Nation.” Furthermore she said,  “I believe that government can, in a discrete category of cases, acknowledge or refer to the divine without offending the Constitution.” 


I believe that making “In God We Trust” a more prominently displayed part of our local civic life will increase patriotism, gratitude, humility, and commitment to the common good. The acknowledgement of the divine in our city proceedings can only ennoble and strengthen our efforts to make Orem the best place in America to raise a family. 

This motto can serve as a constant reminder that we are a community that sets high goals and is guided by a higher purpose. 


I am inspired by our community’s core values and your commitment to upholding them. When we honor our community’s values, our families are strengthened and we ensure a brighter future for ourselves and for generations yet to come. Let’s continue to foster a city where these values are celebrated and acted upon every day. 

Enjoy the beautiful Fall colors and I’ll see you next month.  

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