Kindness Week 2024

Kindness Week 2024: April 29 –  May 4

Monday, April 29: Kindness Starts With Me – Watch for a social media video introducing Kindness Week.

Tuesday, April 30: Kindness in Our World – Give 3 compliments to 3 people in person or on social media using the hashtag #oremkindnessweek.

Wednesday, May 1: Kindness in Our Families – Serve your families.

Thursday, May 2: Kindness in Our Neighborhoods – Participate in the “petal” challenge (download and print the flowers here and the instructions here) to share kindness with your neighbors.

Friday, May 3: Kindness in Our Schools & Workplaces – Be kind to your classmates and coworkers.

Saturday, May 4: Kindness in Our Community – Join us at Nielsen’s Grove Park from 9:00 – 11:00 AM as we wrap up Kindness Week by celebrating Orem’s 105th birthday and helping beautify the park! Find more information and sign up to help here.

Copy of Orem Birthday Service Event

Kindness Awards

Kindness Ambassadors
Shirley Cottrell
Darrell Mauerman
Kindest Business
Gardenias 84 Studio Venue
The Refuge Utah
Kindest Neighborhood
Windsor Neighborhood
Geneva Heights Neighborhood
Kindest Schools
Westmore Elementary
Aspen Elementary
Kindness Cause
Orem PD Homeless Services
Kindness Ambassador
Glen Miller
Kindest Business
Chubby’s Cafe
Kindest Neighborhood
The Farm Neighborhood
Kindest Schools
Windsor Elementary
Noah Webster Academy
Kindness Cause
Orem PD Homeless Services
Kindness Ambassadors
Mayor Richard Brunst
Duaine and Becky Dorton
Brielle Beardall
Kindest Businesses
Crumbl Cookies
Orem Community Hospital
Kindest Neighborhood
Sharon 6th Neighborhood
Kindest Schools
Arches Academy
Parkside Academy
Mountain View High School
Kindness Cause
Utah Refugee Connection
Kindness Ambassador
Peter Johnson
Tim Turman
Mark and Alene Alger
Kindest Business
TURN Community Services
Kindest Neighborhood
Cascade 7th Neighborhood
Kindest Schools
Bonneville Elementary
Noah Webster Academy
Timpanogos High School
Kindness Cause
Kindness Ambassador
Laura Bascom
Kindest Business
Kindest Neighborhood
Park Lane
Kindest Schools
Foothill Elementary
Noah Webster Academy
Sharon Elementary
Kindness Ambassadors
Daylyn Seaman
Busbyberkly Peterson
Kena Jo Mathews
Kindest Schools
Orchard Elementary
Cherry Hill Elementary
Kindest Business
VASA-Emily Engemann
Kindness Cause
RSVP-Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Kindest Neighborhood

Kindness Ambassador Award 2017

Jerry and Barbara Elison, Bryan and Terilyn Bunker Family
Kindest School Award 2017
Scera Elementary, Cascade Elementary, Timpanogos High School
Kindest Business Award 2017
The Scera
Kindest Neighborhood Award 2017
5th West
Kindest Cause Award 2017
Sunshine Heroes Foundation

Kindness Award Winners 2016

Kindness Ambassador Award 2016
Gleason Family, Bleyl Family, Nalani Young
Kindest School Award 2016
Timpanogos High School, Cascade Elementary, Northridge Elementary
Kindest Business Award 2016
J-U-B Engineers, Inc., Miracle Bowl, Quick Quack Car Wash
Honorable Mentions
Mercedes Benz of Lindon & Geneva Elementary
Kindest Neighborhood Award 2016
North Main Street Neighborhood, Windsor Neighborhood

Quarterly Themes

Heart Attack Activity

We all have people around us who need a little boost of encouragement and love. During February, pick up “Heart Attack Starter Packs” at the Orem Public Library or use our instructions and template to cut out hearts at home. Write kind notes on the hearts and tape them on your friend’s door. Take a photo and submit it here to be entered into a giveaway for amazing Valentine’s Day prizes!

Hope4Orem & Orem Kindness Senior Scholarship

Graduating seniors of Mountain View, Orem High, and Timpanogos can apply to win one of three $700 scholarships! Apply here between February 5 – March 1, 2024.

Earth Day Activity

Letters to Veterans

Orem's Annual Kindness Week

Hello everyone! My name is Glory Thomas and I’m the Founder and Chair of the Orem Kindness Committee and Kindness Week.

Kindness Week was founded in 2016 to cultivate a culture of kindness within our community. It has since evolved into a Kindness Committee that meets monthly to discuss our themes and plan kindness-focused events around them. Kindness is empathy in action and the Kindness Committee strives to provide people with opportunities to practice kindness in their daily lives. 

One of my goals is to take Kindness Week to the statewide and nationwide level. I’m so proud of  Orem City for leading out in this endeavor and truly being the one to make the difference by glowing with kindness. Together, we will light up our nation through our own unique acts of kindness. 

Please join us in 2023 for our 8th annual Orem Kindness Week, Nov. 13 – 18 to help continue the culture of kindness in Orem!

Kindness Week Agenda 2023

  • Monday, Nov. 13 • Kindness Starts with Me / Kindness Kickoff– Join us at the SCERA Center for the Arts, Room 201 from 7-8 PM for a benefit concert that celebrates kindness. 
  • Tuesday, Nov. 14 • Kindness in our World – Give 3 compliments to 3 people in person or on social media or complete the star pack challenge and use the hashtag #oremkindnessweek
  • Wednesday, Nov. 15 • Kindness in our Families – Serve your family members!
  • Thursday, Nov. 16 • Kindness in our Neighborhoods – Serve your neighbors and submit entries for the Kindest Neighborhood in Orem! Also, join us at PTA Pie Night at Orem High School from 7 – 8:30 PM.
  • Friday, Nov. 17 • Kindness in our Schools & Workplaces – Serve your classmates and colleagues and submit entries for the Kindest School & Business in Orem.
  • Saturday, Nov. 18 • Kindness in our Community – Circle of Kindness Activity at the Orem Family Fitness Center from 3 – 5 PM. Come help with service projects benefiting several different public service organizations. Fun giveaways and refreshments will be provided and Kindness Awards will also be presented here!
  • Monday, Nov. 20 • Continue the Kindness – Watch for a post of the week’s events on the City’s social media pages

Orem Kindness Week Sponsors

Applebee’s, Bahama Buck’s, Cotopaxi, Crumbl, Dairy Queen, Gabb, J. Dawgs, MiDiCi, Orem Family Fitness Center, SCERA, Serenity Day Spa, TURN Community Services, Wienerschnitzel

Orem Kindness Week Award Winners - 2023

Kindness Ambassadors: Shirley Cottrell, Darrell Mauerman

Kindest Schools: Westmore Elementary, Aspen Elementary

Kindest Businesses: Gardenias 84 Studio Venue, The Refuge Utah

Kindest Neighborhoods: Windsor Neighborhood, Geneva Heights Neighborhood

In 2023, join us to “Continue the Kindness” with Orem’s Kindness Committee. Check out our quarterly themes and activities, and discover ways you can be kind to others (and yourself!) all year long below.