Were you aware that Orem City has codes regarding garage sales and the signs to advertise such sales? Although
Orem City doesn’t require permits or have as many regulations as other surrounding cities, Orem City Code 22-
14-28 does set forth the following regulations regarding garage sales. The following is taken directly from the code:

A sale of personal property commonly referred to as a “garage sale” may be conducted on the premises of a

residential dwelling as an accessory use thereto provided that:

  • The garage sale is conducted by bona fide residents of the premises (other families may combine with the residents of the premises to hold a “multifamily” garage sale);
  • The garage sale is confined to the garage, patio, and/or yard of the premises;
  • The goods for sale consist of personal belongings of the residents and do not include any merchandise acquired for the purpose of resale;
  • The goods offered for sale are not placed in a public sidewalk or right-of-way;
  • The duration of the sale does not exceed three (3) consecutive calendar days;
  • All signs advertising the garage sale comply with the requirements of Section 14-3-3 Accessory Residential Signs;
  • No more than two garage sales are conducted on the premises in any calendar year.
  • Garage sales that do not comply with the above requirements are not permitted, and any person conducting a sale in violation of the above requirements shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Orem City Code.

Why do we have codes and regulations regarding Garage Sales?

The main purpose is to preserve all residents’ rights in the city not just those who want to hold a garage sale, but

also to protect non-participating citizens, so that garage sales and their accompanying signs don’t become a

nuisance. Codes and regulations also help prevent damage to city property.

The Orem Beautification Commission wants to remind all garage sale participants to help maintain our city’s

beauty by following our city’s signage regulations as summarized below:

No signs of any kind, unless approved by the city, can be placed on city property including city-owned

ground, trees, utility poles, light poles, traffic poles, traffic signs, sidewalks, streets, curb and gutter, fire

hydrants, or barricades.

No signs can be placed on another’s residence without permission from that resident prior to posting.

No more than two garage sale signs are allowed on the premises where the garage sale is being held.

Where can we advertise and place signs for Garage Sales in Orem City?

The easiest and cheapest way to advertise your garage sale is to list it on KSL.com classifieds. Seasoned garage

sale attenders know to check this resource to map out their routes.

If you use signs, make sure they are free standing and secured to the ground so that they will not blow or fall

into sidewalks or roadways, and always get the permission of a resident before placing a sign on their property.

Political-type corrugated signs are the easiest to install and remove without causing any damage to property.

Banners and signs attached to a fence or building are also permitted with permission from the property owner.

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