About us

The Orem Fire Prevention Division serves the cities of Orem, Lindon, and Vineyard. Fire  Prevention is responsible for plan reviews, permits, fire inspections and Arson investigations. Our division conducts an estimated 5,000 business inspections and nearly 600 plan reviews annually. 


Our main focus when performing business inspections is ensuring life safety and pre-planning for potential incidents.  The goal of these inspections is to maintain safe businesses and to provide risk reduction to employees, customers, tenants, visitors, firefighters, and business owners in the case of an emergency in your building. 

Our fire inspectors have geographical responsibilities which are: South Orem, North Orem/ Lindon, and Vineyard. Inspections can be scheduled Monday through Thursday between 9 am – 3 pm MST. 

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Center Street is the dividing line for fire inspections. If you are in Orem south of Center Street, please click South Orem (blue button). If you are north of Center Street, please click Lindon (black button).

Contact the Fire Prevention Team

Please include as many details as possible so we may better assist your needs. 

Email fireprevention@orem.gov to schedule your inspection.

  • CRR self-inspections: are online self-inspections completed by the business owner and are required annually during your business license renewal process. 
  • Annual Life Safety inspections: are only required for those businesses with state certification requirements, or if a safety concern is raised about your businesses. 
  • Business License Inspections: These are required one-time inspections for new businesses. 
  • Effective September of 2023, all annual inspection fees are collected during your business license renewal process.