What can you build without a permit?

There are many cosmetic changes to your home that can be done without a permit. For a fairly extensive list of those, you can click here.

The largest stand-alone structure that can be built on your residential lot without a permit must be detached (at least six feet) from your home and less than 200 square feet, one-story high. It cannot include electrical, plumbing, or heating. If it does include electrical, plumbing, or heating, then it will require a permit.

On your commercial lot, the maximum size is less than 120 square feet but there may be additional steps required from Planning/Zoning.

Adopted Codes & Design Info

Current Adopted Codes – as of July 1, 2018:

2015 IRC, 2018 IBC, 2018 IMC, 2018 IPC, 2018 IFC, 2017 NEC, 2018 IFGC, 2018 IECC, 2009 ANSI and current Utah State amendments

Climatic And Geographic Design Criteria, Orem, Utah, Table R301.2(1)
Ground and Roof Snow Load: To calculate, click here.
Wind Speed 115
Seismic Design Category D1-E
Weathering Severe
Frost Line Depth 30”
Termite None – Slight
Decay None – Slight
Winter Design Temp 8
Flood Hazards See Flood Map
Ice Shield Under-Layment Required Yes
Air Freezing Index 1000
Mean Annual Temp 45

What needs a building permit?

Any person who remodels, repairs (with some exceptions), constructs, moves, demolishes, enlarges or changes the use of a building or causes electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning work to be done, or plans to apply stucco, siding or to re-roof, needs to apply for a building permit with the City of Orem Building Safety Division.

For examples of which types of work need and do not need permits, click here

Where can I get a building permit?

We accept online submittal for building permits.  Information about registering to do that can be found by clicking here.

Please review the building information that can be found on our Building Safety website by clicking here.

You also can come into our office at 56 North State Street Room #105. We would be happy to answer any additional questions and get you taken care of as it relates to permits.

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