Current Adopted Codes – as of July 1, 2018:

2015 IRC, 2018 IBC, 2018 IMC, 2018 IPC, 2018 IFC, 2017 NEC, 2018 IFGC, 2018 IECC, 2009 ANSI and current Utah State amendments

Climatic And Geographic Design Criteria, Orem, Utah, Table R301.2(1)
Ground and Roof Snow Load: To calculate, click here.
Wind Speed 115
Seismic Design Category D1-E
Weathering Severe
Frost Line Depth 30”
Termite None – Slight
Decay None – Slight
Winter Design Temp 8
Flood Hazards See Flood Map
Ice Shield Under-Layment Required Yes
Air Freezing Index 1000
Mean Annual Temp 45

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