The Urban Forestry Division of the Orem Parks Department is responsible for the proper care of all public trees. Some responsibilities of the Urban Forester include: public information, tree planting, site selection, tree protection, tree pruning, tree selection, pest management, stump grinding and necessary removal.

Public trees in Orem are an asset to the community.  The long-term management which protects and increases this asset is the responsibility of the Urban Forester. Trees have value and that value can be determined using tree appraisal guides. The public trees in Orem cared for by the Urban Forester have an appraised value of over $15 million.

The Urban Forester is available for consultations with Orem citizens and businesses on tree issues for the stewardship of City and Non-City trees. Call or text the city at 801-229-7000 if you would like to chat further.

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