The Traffic Operations staff maintains 13,261 traffic and street address signs. In 2019, 375 new traffic and street signs were installed. Many wayfinding signs were made for other departments as well. In addition, several “Welcome to Orem Centennial Signs” were installed throughout the City. The section is responsible to clear, trim, or have the property owner remove view obstructions of City traffic control devices. 

Section staff will look for and review sight distance violations caused by vegetation growth, fences, or other obstructions of City intersections. Staff maintains a number of specialty signs located throughout the City, including reduced speed school signs and flashing lights (58), solar powered blinking stop or warning signs (15), stop signs with flashing beacons (6), yellow flashing pedestrian crossing signs (2), rectangular rapid flashing beacon pedestrian crossing signs (3), portable variable message signs (4), and radar driver feedback (“Your Speed Is”) signs (8).