Kena puts everything she has into everything she does. She is always looking for ways to help others. Whether it is volunteering for things, helping around the city, bettering her community, or posting positive things on social media every day, she is always trying to make things better. Whether it’s lifting others up, or helping others out, she is always striving to make the world a better place. She truly is the embodiment of “being the one” who makes a difference in so many peoples lives. She’s has made a difference to so many people’s lives here in Orem! I am so very grateful that I have been able to meet her and work with her in so many different things. She is truly one of my dear friends. She’s brings joy to my life, and so many others!

I knew Kena when we grew up together in Orem. I don’t see her as often now, but every time I do see her she is volunteering and doing much good for the community. If she has not already won this award, she would be a deserving recipient. I know she is the Community Services Manager for Orem so maybe you are looking for nominations outside of Orem employees, but honestly I cannot think of anyone else so dedicated to loving others and unifying people. Just look at her Facebook feed to see what I mean.

This entry won’t be complicated or glamorous, but perhaps that’s fitting. Cindy Harris is a humble soul who has demonstrated a generosity of spirit and a love of her family, neighbors, and extended community. I see it in the Geneva Heights Neighborhood Favors Facebook group page. Neighbors post asking for favors like cooking tools, art supplies, crutches, infant car seat, and truck to move a large appliance. Though I haven’t formally done a search to confirm, it seems like Cindy Harris is often one of the first and most consistent in offering support, without reservation, to those who ask. I have been the recipient myself of her generosity. There are many who may enjoy a more conspicuous public platform for large-scale programs that help groups of people in need. When I read your call to think of those “who embody the principle of selflessly serving individuals, *one by one* and one on one,” the first one who came to mind was Cindy Harris.

If you know this man you love him. He’s the most upbeat, kind, outgoing, lovable person I’ve ever met. Doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what your background is he immediately loves you and is your best friend. In a world that is so quick to judge and show unkindness, he’s the opposite. He embodies what I think we could all strive to be a little more of.

Mr. Standing has been teaching a life skills class for special needs children for over 30 years. He takes the kids into the community to learn to ride public transportation, to place orders for lunches at local restraunts. He helps the main stream kids learn about and love the children in his class. He has completely changed the community by bringing special needs and community members together.

Nikki was a substitute teacher at Scera Park Elementary for 20 years. During that time she made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children. She’s also the most service-oriented person I know. She’s taken dozens of not hundreds of meals to people in the neighborhood over the years as well as given rides to people, helped people find jobs, other random acts of service, and been a listening ear for countless people.

Taylor is a lifetime resident of Orem, UT whom I’ve known since 9th grade at Orem Junior High School. His home was always open to visitors through all of high school and now that he has a family of 4 kids, he continues to welcome people with open arms. I’m not a very social person, but Taylor literally creates a community wherever he goes, reaching out to neighbors and facilitating activities from small game nights to block parties on Halloween. He is a gifted thrifter, talented musician, eager athlete, and above all my best friend. Taylor not only unites a myriad of skills and interests, but he uses those to unite people around him. Trust me, if ever there was a spirit of Orem, it resides in Taylor Ray Johnson!