Tim crandall is the type of person who always stops what he is doing and makes you feel welcome. This is true whether you are friends, family, or mere acquaintances . Vote Tim Crandall for spirit of Orem!!!

He has been an educator for 35 years and made a difference in many children’s lives. He is currently a fruit farmer and continues to provide for the community by providing delicious fruit! I love him!!

Selfless guy, owns and operates Crandall fruit farm which the community loves and appreciates! Good member of the community who does his best to make everyone feel they are important. Plus he taught school for 35 years, kids he taught and their families have positive memories and lessons which says a lot of the type of influence he has had.

Mr. Crandall was my favorite elementary school teacher. He created an environment in our classroom where each student felt loved and valued. He could maintain order without ever getting upset, and we always knew we were expected to do our best work. My family loved him so much as a teacher my mom made sure all four of her children where in his class.

Mr. Crandall was a teacher in the Orem community for years. He taught many orem children to be inclusive and help one another all while embodying these characteristics himself. It would also be hard to a find a place where there is a more community feeling than at the Crandall’s orchard buying apples.

Tim is a wonderful man who was the best teacher at Hillcrest Elementary. His orchard is a staple of the community. When the value of the property jumped, Tim held strong and because of that Orem is a better place. Being around Tim makes you feel like your around all the best parts of the Orem of yesteryear.

He is on the city preservation council, taught for 30 plus years, (I am a proud alum of his class), and he has an orchard that has been a part of Orem ever since the city was founded.

Tim has helped his community by being a farmer, and a teacher here for 30+ years!

Tim is an incredibly charitable person. As owner of the Crandall fruit farm in Orem, I’ve personally witnessed his kindness to people who are in need as they come into his life. There is no better person to embody the Spirit of Orem award.

If you were to look up service in the dictionary, you would see this mans picture! He is the first to help anyone no matter what the circumstance. I’ve seen him donate countless days to visiting people who can’t leave their homes or welcome others into his home. Him and his family run a fruit farm and they are the humblest people. I look up to Tim so much and hope to be half the person he is some day!

Tim Crandall is the embodiment of what a loving and accepting community looks like. He serves with out reservation and he loves all he comes in contact with. He is a hard worker. He has taught hundreds of students and blessed their lives. He works hard to provide fresh food for the community, carrying on a long family tradition. He gives countless hours to his church and people that surround him. His family and friends adore him and he is very inclusive to all.

Tim Crandall is a great example in the community. He is loved by everyone who knows him. He taught 5h grade at Hillcrest Elementary for 34 years and is still stopped around town by those who were taught by him and thanked for his kindness and impact in their life. Tim is also a fruit farmer. Crandall’s fruit farm has been around since 1887, and Tim keeps the family legacy alive. He loves to interact with amazing people in the community as they come to support his business. Tim Crandall is such an example to us all. His roots in Orem are deep and his impact is strong. We love you, Tim!

Tim Crandall provides an amazing “Orem” experience through his Fruit farm and Greenhouse. It helps provide Orem with that small-town feel, and is friendly and kind to all. Tim always goes out of his way to help others in the community and has had deep roots in Orem for many many years.

He’s kept the legacy of orem’s orchards alive, and loves being part of the community!

Tim is the nicest person you will ever meet. He runs one of the only fruit farms left in Orem and is always striving to do his best to provide great things for the community.

Tim Crandall is all about helping make the community better. He has a beautiful orchard in Orem that provides the city with delicious local produce. He works hard to grow blemish free fruit. He also is the kindest man you will ever meet. He makes everyone feel important and valued, if you are a customer or not. Tim also was a schoolteacher at hill crest elementary for 30+ years, changing and shaping the lives of children throughout the community as well. Mr. Crandall was highly sought after as a teacher and continues to be sought after as a mentor. He is a patient, kind, and amazing man and the candidate that is best suited for this award. Orem wouldn’t be the place it is without Tim Crandall! 😊

Tim taught at Hillcrest Elementary for years. I knew him then and even though he wasn’t my teacher I always felt so much love and individual attention from him. Now, as an adult I had the best surprise of having him as a neighbor when I bought a house across the street from him. He is no different than when he was when I was 10. Anyone who knows Tim thinks that they are his favorite person. He includes and lifts up everyone around him regardless of gender, age, race, religious affiliation, etc. he is just a good person in every sense. He brings Orem back to its roots (no pun intended) with his beautiful orchards which gives all of Orem a sense of old-timey community. I feel honored to have Tim Crandall as an icon of our city. He seems like a perfect fit for this years spirit of Orem award.

Mikelle teaches first grade at Centennial Elementary and lives here in Orem. During the years I have known her, Mikelle has made special efforts to reach out to children who feel like outsiders or who are shy, and to bring them into the group. Everybody needs a friend, and Mikelle makes sure everybody has one. I also watched during Covid as Mikelle visited every one of her students, dropping off activities, waving from the sidewalk, and making sure that all of her little people were ok during a time that was so rough for so many and where we all felt such a loss of our sense of community. Mikelle did what she could to make sure that those kids knew people were out there who loved them and had faith in them.

When I consider the theme “This is Where you Belong” I can’t help but think about my time working with Linda Chadburn as I served the young people of our community right along side her. To be loved and seen by Linda is a beautiful experience, one that will leave anyone full of light and confidence. As a professional, Linda is the Alpine School District Early Childhood Director. This is a position that she received after working for years to build up the preschool programs in our community with the hope of reaching special needs kids who need early intervention. Her work has been life changing for so many kids and families in our community. She makes room for every child, no matter their struggles or their needs. And she works by example to inspire her teachers and staff to see each child for who they are and meet their needs one-by-one. Linda lead the preschool team of Alpine School District through the struggles of 2020 with such class and humility. She protected so many jobs and fought for the needs of our little people to still be met. You can’t imagine what teaching preschool over zoom looked like, it was a challenge for a lot of us teachers. But Linda inspired her team to go above and beyond by doing so herself. She had many sleepless nights worried about the needs of those she lead. But she still made time to check in on those around her and make sure that there was still light radiating within our teams. She proved herself with the mark of a true leader. In her personal life, Linda is a wonderful mother and community member. She is passionate about her new garden, loves to bake and makes time to help anyone in her circle of influence who might be in need. Linda has a way of seeing others needs and working with a calm and level presence to meet people where they are at and give them an hand up in life. It’s a natural gift that she gives in the community day after day, struggle after struggle. Linda is one of those people who doesn’t need the recognition, I am sure there have been so many things in her life that she has done that have never been voiced and gratitude has never been expressed to her for them. She will give and give for the rest of her life because she knows it’s the right thing and loving people and serving them is what gives her true joy in life. With hat said, what I would love to see is for her to be seen by our community and given the thanks she deserves for advocating for our youngest members and for loving all those she comes in contact with. Her light makes Orem an incredible place to live.

She was a spanish immersion teacher for many years, she helped 1st graders to feel safe and loved, besides helping them with a new language. She was the best teacher and now she is the best at what she does at Windsor. I have seen her be fair with every kid she helps, I have seen her helping parents that do not speak English to understand their kids situation and she makes them feel welcome. I have seen her use her our resources to kids that don’t have enough. In 2 occasions, she bought shoes to 2 different kids at school, other time she purchased pants for another kid. She’s been translating for one of the parents of a kid with cancer at Windsor. I have seen her through my life and she is the pure example of selfless love. Besides being the best student, always learning and trying to improve and exel at whatever she does.

He reaches out and talks to anyone going by his house. He helps anyone who asks for help ( or needs it. ) He has retired as a metal shop teacher..and still helps with projects. Extremely kind to all and made us feel welcome when we moved here.

During lockdown, Megan Mankins organized a mini library and supplies cart that she stocked daily in the front of her house for those in need. She had books, toilet paper, canned goods, and even fresh vegetables. People all throughout the neighborhood made sure to stop at her cart to either donate or take what they needed.

Gena helps run the Orem Senior Citizen Center. She loves every single person there. She genuinely cares about them. When Covid hit she planned a great big drive by for a woman who was celebrating a milestone birthday. There were hundreds of cars involved. She plans the activities and everything that goes on there. When one of them is going through a hard time she gets to work and serves them. I love to see her social media posts about all these folks are doing because of her expertise in her job. She goes way and above what her duties are. You could ask anyone there how much she is loved.

Joanne has been an active member of the Orem Community for over 30 years. She has volunteered hundreds of hours serving with the Miss Orem pageants, Turn Community Services and Hale Center Theater. One way she is serving the community the best though is in the way she shows love and respect to all members of the community regardless of age, sexual preference, race, religion, or economic situation, etc. She truly loves everyone and encourages them to share their story with her in a way that makes them feel safe and validated. She goes out of her way every day to champion those who feel unseen, disrespected or misunderstood. Joanne is a great example of loving others for their true authentic selves. What a blessing it is to call her my friend.

Marie is hands down one of the best people I know. She is a life-long Orem-ite! She embodies inclusion in her every day life as the head of Special Education for Orem High School. During 2020 she had EXTRA work beyond most teachers and successfully kept track of her students’ needs and progress and she regularly made visits to their homes as needed, worked with and educated their families about how to best homeschool their kids, etc. She also coaches the cross country team and is an extraordinary asset to her Cascade neighborhood.

Wayne is one of the best people I have ever met. He embodies the spirit of community by always serving. He serves everyone….regardless of background, religion, color, or even whether he knows them or not. Every week he goes around the street putting everyone’s garbage cans away. When we were moving into the neighborhood and couldn’t turn the water on yet, he got the neighbors to run hoses from their houses to keep our lawn alive, and he hadn’t even met us yet. He’s the first one on the scene when he spots someone new, and can tell you their whole life story by the next day. To know Wayne is to love him. He mostly deserves this award because he would be too humble to think he is worthy of it.