Let's add some color!

We want to bring a little culture and life to Orem—one masterpiece at a time.

Wrapping electrical boxes in public areas is a quick and easy way to begin a movement with public art, so we are taking local submissions for artwork to inspire residents in a powerful way. This is YOUR city. What better way to show it than with YOUR art!

Submissions are open! Please submit your art if you’d be willing to have it featured on a utility box in Orem. We encourage you to submit images to help us understand your art as we consider it for the program.

You are welcome to submit final drafts, rough drafts, concept sketches, or just examples of your artwork that will inspire your not-yet-created original piece.

Submissions will be vetted and chosen monthly until the end of August. We plan to start wrapping utility boxes as soon as possible, so submit now! If your artwork is selected for a utility box, you will receive a stipend as compensation for permitting the city to use your art.

Please call Charlene at 801-229-7047 or email ccrozier@orem.org with questions about the program.