Traffic Operations staff repaints crosswalks, stop bars, red curbs, City parking lots, islands, and medians. In addition, the City paints some of the of the center and lane lines on City-owned local streets. Staff also repaints after the completion of maintenance activities, including overlays, micro surfacing, and/or slurry seal projects. 

The City contracts with a contractor to restripe major City-owned collector and arterial streets. Staff oversees and maintains 285 miles of lane line striping, 112 miles of red curb, 227 crosswalks, 62 school crosswalks, and many turn arrows and other pavement messages. 

Each year, staff uses about 3,700 gallons of yellow traffic paint, 4,500 gallons of white traffic paint, 800 gallons of red traffic paint, and 100 gallons of blue traffic paint. Thermoplastic heat tape is also installed at high vehicular volume street and intersections for crosswalks, stop bars, turn arrows, school crosswalks, and school messages on newly resurfaced collector or arterial streets. 

The amount of white traffic paint that is used each year increases as we add more bike lanes to the transportation system on collector and arterial streets. The new bike lanes are added when these types of streets are resurfaced. This year, 4 miles of striped bike lanes were added in Orem.