It was a special moment at our City Council meeting on August 22nd as the Orem Fire Department bestowed the highest civilian honor on Orem resident James Cahau for his courage and boldness in helping to save a life.

The life that James saved was actually one of our city employees, Trent Mallinson from Public Works.

During the afternoon of April 12, 2023, James looked out his window and saw an Orem employee slumped over on the ground. James immediately ran out and checked on Trent and determined he was not breathing appropriately. He knew he needed to do something and began administering CPR. Soon thereafter, Orem Police and Orem paramedics arrived to offer further assistance. Without James’ willingness and quick thinking to perform CPR, Trent would most likely not be with us today. Trent has recovered from this heart attack and is back at work.

On behalf of the Mayor Dave Young, City Council members Jeff Lambson, Debby Lauret, Tom Macdonald, LaNae Millett, Terry Peterson, David Spencer and all of Trent’s co-workers, we thank and honor James for his heroic efforts to save our friend’s life.

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