Non-mandatory means your violation doesn’t require you to appear before the judge to resolve it.  However, some violations require an enhancement form be completed before you resolve your case.  If your citation includes one of the violations below, please complete the form, then continue on to the options below.  

Pay to Close:   Non-mandatory violations have the option to pay to close the case.  The State Uniform Fine Schedule sets the fine amount including when accident, delinquent and warrant fees should be added.  Please be aware that when you pay to close on a moving violation, points may be added to your driving record.   If you want information on how to potentially avoid points, go to the Traffic School option below.  If you know you want to pay your citation to close it, use this link to process your payment online:  

If your moving violation also included an accident and injury was noted on your citation.  You may need to contact the court clerks to have your account set up to allow you to pay to close it.  You can contact the court clerks at 801-724-3900 or 

Traffic School:  This option is based upon eligibility.  Typically those with a good driving record qualify.  The clerks won’t be able to approve you if your citation involves the following:  alcohol related offense, reckless driving, speeding 31+ mph, speeding double the posted limit or other mandatory violations that require an appearance before the judge.  If you want to be considered for this option by entering into a plea in abeyance agreement, please use this link to apply:  Traffic School Approval Request

If you want the traffic school option, please do not pay the citation first.  Wait until you hear back from the court about the status of your approval, that way it is reported to driver’s license correctly.  

Schedule Hearing:  If you wish to contest your citation, you can schedule a hearing.  You can do this by calling the court clerks at 801-724-3900 or use this link to complete a Hearing Request Form.

Inquiries on how a citation may affect your driver’s license should be directed to the Driver’s License Division at 801-965-4437 or at their website at

Inquiries on how this citation may affect your private insurance should be made to your specific insurance company since it varies among insurance companies.