Mental Health Response Team

The Mental Health Response Team’s (MHRT) main goal is to be a local advocate for those individuals or family

members in Orem that are not sure where to turn for additional assistance. With established

local professional relationships, the MHRT is positioned to assist and provide information for those needing assistance

in medical/mental health/or addiction treatment, housing, food and any other identifiable need with local resources

to assist those in their personal journey.


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Response Plan

The City of Orem Response Plan is a proactive approach for parents, legal guardians, and spouses to assist Emergency Responders with loved ones that tend to wander or get lost. Help Emergency Responders Protect those with: Alzheimer’s, Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Non-verbal communication.

The Team

Sergeant John Savage

Detective Anneliese Langs

Ro Torres- Advocate


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