Happy May!
First, a quick win.

After listening to a lot of concerned citizens along Palisades Drive, we were able to remove the controversial traffic “chokers”. That name kind of says it all.

That was a great example of the people of our community working with our City Council to achieve a positive outcome for those neighborhoods.

If you live in that area you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Second, and more exciting, Orem City is going RETRO…

If you have been on any of our city media in the past few days, you may have noticed a subtle change in the city’s branding and logo.

Upon taking office earlier this year, myself and our new city council set a course for rebranding the city and its operations with, Family City USA.

This was a top priority.

The slogan, originally used by SCERA in its operations, was adopted by the city many years ago and has been used on our marketing materials in the past.

We decided – it is time to bring it back. As I talked with thousands of people during the election, identifying Orem as Family City USA was the common thread that everyone seemed to identify with.

“Family City USA”, includes families of all sizes and dimensions. Dad’s, Mom’s, Kid’s, single-parent families, senior citizens and grandparents. We may come from different social backgrounds…different economic backgrounds… or even different religious backgrounds … but…we all come from families.

Our new logo emphasizes the strength of our city’s families, our neighborhoods and our parks along with all of the other benefits in our City.

Our revised logo will soon appear on city signage, vehicles, t-shirts, business cards, letterhead, and everything else. These changes will not happen all at once, but will be introduced over time.

As a City Council, we believe families and family values are the benchmark against which our of our key decisions should be based. If something benefits or strengthens our families then we will give it priority.

As tomorrow is Orem’s 103rd birthday, we are excited to work with you, the citizens and the city staff as we move forward together to brand Orem as Family City USA!

Have a great month 

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