Welcome to summer in Orem!  It is gorgeous outside today.  Everything is green, the mountains are topped with fresh new snow and, the air is clean.  It really doesn’t get much better than this!

At the beginning of our term, the new Orem City Council made a commitment, to be the most transparent Council ever, in Orem. We are pleased to announce that we are about to take that effort, one step further.

As you may know, we recently commissioned a study, to determine the feasibility, of Orem establishing its own school district.  

The purpose of the Study is simple.  It will determine if the creation of a new school district would provide more benefit for the students, teachers and taxpayers of Orem.

There have been a lot of good questions coming from the public regarding this study.  In an effort to be completely transparent, and provide answers to those questions in the best way possible, we have decided to provide you with the same information we are seeing.

We are going to publicly share all of the GRAMA requests that have been sent to the Alpine School District, relating to the Feasibility Study. 

We are also providing the records that have been provided by Alpine School District in response to each GRAMA request. 

This provides “you” the public, easy navigation and insight into the details of what has been requested and what is being reviewed, in order to create this very comprehensive study. 

We will place a notice on the City social media page as soon as the GRAMA information is live, on the Transparency portal. 

When the Study is officially complete, we will also place the entire study on the Portal.  All of this will be available at Orem.org/schooldistrictstudy.

We are excited to see the final results of this study, in mid-July or sooner but in the mean time this will give you a comprehensive, real-time look into the data that drives all of the analysis.

I hope you have a good summer and start out by enjoying many of the events at the upcoming Orem Summerfest!  Have a great month!