Utah as well as most of the Western United States is currently experiencing the worst drought conditions in over 20 years. Here is a collection of resources to help understand what is happening, what we’re doing about it, and how you can help. 


Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox issued an executive announcing a prohibition on fireworks for all state and unincorporated lands.

As of:

The discharging of fireworks in the City of Orem is still allowed within the designated areas and dates/times with tight restrictions and your good judgement.

What is the Alpine School District (ASD) Doing?

  • ASD is following the guidelines from multiple municipalities and also the state’s information. Some  schools are watering during the day as some municipalities have asked to equalize the water pressure so that residents will have the pressure in the evening hours. 
  • ASD follows the regulations provided from the city on how many times a week we water.
  • ASD tries to keep areas of our fields watered as best we can for safety reasons since they are used throughout the summer by various soccer, football, lacrosse, and other school and community organizations. The softer green grass helps buffer when kids fall to the ground. 
  • ASD has raised the mower decks to 3 inches so that the grass is longer which helps keep them green. 
  • ASD is striving to add xeriscaping to areas of the schools. With renovation areas and new construction, you will find a lot of rock areas around the school building and in the parking areas where students don’t use the grass fields. A majority of the high schools have been switched to artificial turf fields.