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Message from City Attorney Greg Stephens

The Office of the City Attorney serves as legal counsel to the City of Orem’s government.  Our clients include City Administration, the City Council, and the City’s various departments.  It is the mission of the City Attorney’s Office to provide timely, efficient, and high quality legal services and support to our clients as they endeavor to better serve the residents of the City of Orem.

56 N. State Rm 200 | 801.229.7097 | lsdocs@orem.org

About Us

The work of the City Attorney’s Office takes a variety of forms including helping with:

  • Risk Management: The Department advises the City’s Risk Manager and other departments on insurance and risk management.
  • Contracts: The Department drafts and reviews contract and agreements for all departments within the City.
  • Legislation: The Department drafts proposed ordinances and resolutions for consideration by the City Council.
  • Legal Advice: The Department advises City Administration, the City Council, and all other departments regarding legal issues that impact the City.
  • Criminal Prosecution:  The Legal Services Department prosecutes violations of the law in the Orem Justice Court  and the 4th District Court.  The City Attorney’s Office prosecutes only misdemeanor cases.  The City prosecutors work with various law enforcement agencies, victims, witnesses, defendants, attorneys, clerks, and others to resolve cases in the interest of justice.  The City prosecutors also advise law enforcement agencies regarding warrants, investigations, and other criminal matters.
  • Litigation:  The Department defends and prosecutes lawsuits to protect the City’s and its employee’s legal rights and interests and managed outside counsel.
  • Land Use: The Department provides legal counsel to the Development Services Department and other City departments on the legal aspects of zoning, planning, growth management, and zoning enforcement. The Department also litigates zoning violations when appropriate.

Disclaimer: This website provides only general information about the Orem City Attorney’s Office. The information contained on this website, or in any site linked to this website, is for reference purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The Office’s attorneys do not provide legal advice regarding private legal matters.

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