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Message from Deputy City Manager Steven Downs

The City of Orem is committed to providing you the information you need to stay informed on the happenings in your community.  We are very active on social media and we send out monthly newsletters.  We also stream each City Council meeting live at orem.org/meetings.  We continue to seek new, innovative, and cost-effective ways to communicate with our residents.  If you have ideas of ways we can improve or have questions regarding any of the happenings in Orem, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Thank you for your interest in this wonderful community!

Quick Read

- February 15, 2019

You may have noticed the big white tent at Orem's Target. They're remodeling the store. It's not a bone dig for the… https://t.co/lgSux3Yr6W
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- February 14, 2019

The event is free, but attendees are encouraged to register and guarantee a seat: https://t.co/pJ7vrTmd5b https://t.co/bHWflLeDu3
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