Spring Clean-Up 2021

Dumpster Location Dates

Nielsen's Grove Park | 278 W 2000 S

Palisade Park | 1313 E 800 N

September 7-11

September 13-18

Fall Clean-Up Program Rules

  • Dumpsters will be available Mon. – Fri. from 8am to 7pm. Sat. from 8am to 3pm. No after-hours dumping is permitted. 
  • Regular trash, green waste, and metal recycling dumpsters will be on site. 
  • Orem residents can use any dumpster any week regardless of home address. 
  • City employees will monitor dumping to prevent cross contamination. 

Items that may NOT be Placed in the Clean-Up Dumpsters

There are some things that can’t be placed in the dumpsters, but here’s what you can do with those things.

  • Paint – must be dried out prior to disposal. Kitty litter or sawdust can be added to help dry out paint faster.
  • Tires – haul directly to North Pointe (cost per tire) or check with your local tire shop
  • Auto Parts & Batteries – MCR Recycling
  • ElectronicsNorth Pointe – Your free trash pass will cover the first $11, then $10 per additional item or Best Buy ($25 per computer)
  • Fluorescent BulbsNorth Pointe ($.20 per foot) or Batteries Plus
  • RefrigeratorsNorth Pointe ($12 per unit)
  • Used OilOrem Public Works (up to 5 gallons) – Larger amounts to Rock Canyon Oil or Emerald Recycling
  • Concrete (pieces thicker than 12 inches) – North Pointe – concrete, bricks, or rocks can be dumped in a special “clean-fill” area. The charge for a pure load of clean fill debris, equal to a level pickup load is $10. Clean loads larger than a pickup size load are $9 per ton. Concrete containing rebar is $25 per ton. Any concrete 12″ thick or larger cannot be accepted
  • Mattresses – North Pointe ($5 per mattress) – Your free trash pass will cover the first 2 mattresses

Orem residents can take GREEN WASTE directly to the transfer station for FREE at any time.

See you in the spring!

The annual Spring Clean-Up will be back in March 2022! See you then!


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