Spring Clean-Up 2021

Dumpster Location Dates

Nielsen's Grove Park | 278 W 2000 S

Scera Park (Parking lot at 500 S 400 E)

Palisade Park | 1313 E 800 N

Palisade Park | 1313 E 800 N (2nd week)

April 19 - April 24

April 26 - May 1

May 3 - May 8

May 10 - May 15

Spring Clean-Up Program Rules

  • Dumpsters will be available from 8am to 8pm. No after-hours dumping is permitted. 
  • Regular trash, green waste, and metal recycling dumpsters will be on site. 
  • Orem residents can use any dumpster any week regardless of home address. 
  • City employees will monitor dumping to prevent cross contamination. 

Items that may NOT be Placed in the Clean-Up Dumpsters

For information about the Household Hazardous Waste Collection, please visit Utah’s County’s website by clicking here.


There are some things that can’t be placed in the dumpsters, but here’s what you can do with those things.

  • Paint – must be dried out prior to disposal. Kitty litter or sawdust can be added to help dry out paint faster.
  • Tires – haul directly to North Pointe (cost per tire) or check with your local tire shop
  • Auto Parts & Batteries – MCR Recycling
  • ElectronicsNorth Pointe – mention you are with Utah County’s free E-Waste (April 1-30) and avoid having to use your dump pass. (Your free trash pass will cover the first item, then $10 per additional item) or Best Buy ($25 per computer)
  • Fluorescent BulbsNorth Pointe ($.20 per foot) or Batteries Plus
  • RefrigeratorsNorth Pointe ($12 per unit)
  • Used OilOrem Public Works (up to 5 gallons) – Larger amounts to Rock Canyon Oil or Emerald Recycling
  • Concrete (pieces thicker than 12 inches) – North Pointe – concrete, bricks, or rocks can be dumped in a special “clean-fill” area. The charge for a pure load of clean fill debris, equal to a level pickup load is $10. Clean loads larger than a pickup size load are $9 per ton. Concrete containing rebar is $25 per ton. Any concrete 12″ thick or larger cannot be accepted
  • Mattresses – North Pointe ($5 per mattress) – Your free trash pass will cover the first 2 mattresses

Orem residents can take GREEN WASTE directly to the transfer station for FREE at any time.


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