Here in Orem we strive each and every day to give you MORE. We want Orem to be the best value in Utah for tax payers and it is extremely important to us that you know what you’re getting for the taxes you pay. Here are the big things that have happened over the past two years, all of which happened with NO NEW TAXES

How many of these projects have you heard about?

Family City USA

Adopted as the city's official brand and slogan: “Family City USA” is the benchmark by which all City Council legislative decisions are measured.

In God We Trust

Officially the second city in Utah to adopt the national motto at the local level and display it in city buildings.

Freedom Plaza &
Gold Star Memorial

Orem will be the first city in Utah County with a Gold Star Family monument to honor the sacrifices of our military families.

Green Space Protection

The Orem Land Preservation Act established extra protections to preserve all public lands such as schools, parks, and city owned property from being developed for non-public purposes.

Water Conservation

New $20 million project to decrease Orem's water consumption by 10% with no negative impact to residents. Mayor Young secured a $10 million grant and staff got a $3 million grant to save taxpayers $13 million on this project.

Heritage Park Water Tank

New $32 million 10 million gallon tank will secure Orem's water needs for generations to come and create a new park in central Orem. No new taxes to make it happen.

State Street Master Plan

City Council ended the State Street Master Plan and eliminated 10,000 high-density apartments along State Street. New focus is on service, office, and retail development.

New City Hall
Under Construction

A brand new, state-of-the-art, $30 million City Hall is being built with no new taxes and no bonding. Most cities will tell you this is not possible. In Orem it is possible.

Hillcrest Park

The former Hillcrest Elementary site will be converted into an incredible $12 million park featuring a splash pad, playground, 12 pickleball courts, community center, and more. No new taxes.

Lakeside Sports Complex

Mayor Young & staff secured $2 million from Utah County to add baseball/softball turf, soccer turf, and new lighting to Lakeside Park. It can now be used year round and for national tournaments.

Transportation Master Plan

New plan changes the focus from previous plans. This one focuses on family neighborhoods and preserving communities and enhancing safety.

$1.1 Million in Savings

Through restructuring and operational efficiencies, Orem residents are now saving $1.1 million that can be used for high priority projects.

No New Taxes

There have been no tax increases in Orem over the past two years even though many neighboring cities are raising rates. Accessory dwelling annual fee was eliminated. Orem's utility rates are the lowest in Utah County.

Orem + Provo Dispatch

By combining emergency dispatch with Provo, both cities benefit from lower costs and improved service.

$21+ Million in Grants

Orem has received over $21 million in grants with another $7.6 million pending. Orem's success rate of winning grants is 89%.

City Operations Evaluation

The most extensive review and evaluation of all city departments is currently underway to optimize all areas of the city.

Transparency Portal

Orem citizens now have a one-stop shop to see everything their city and elected officials are doing, including a complete record of every vote taken by the city council.

Employee Survey

An independent survey of city employees with 95% participation showed that 80% believe the city is headed in the right direction and 92% say city leaders lead with integrity.

Historical Memorial Program

Renewed efforts to preserve and celebrate Orem's rich history are now underway.

CARE Tax Renewed

The 0.01% sales tax that makes awesome arts and recreation projects happen in Orem was renewed for another 10 years.

Improved Mailed Notices

Increased size from 3x5 to 5x8 so they stand out better and are more readable.

Magical Christmas Display

City Center Park has been transformed into a magical winter wonderland.