Nominations to fill the prestigious Dog Mayor and Cat Council positions have been collected.

Please review the candidates below and then cast your vote using the form. 

Voting will close on Sept. 22nd and the winners will be announced on the city’s social media channels. 

Dog Mayor Candidates

Dr. Watson is a good boy. Dr. Watson would be a good dog mayor because Dr. Watson is a mystery and power, and his power is still only exceeded by his mystery. Outside in nature, wood chops itself for him and bears bring him the freshest catch of salmon. Dr. Watson is a dog who Clifford and Beethoven both aspire to be. Dr. Watson loves Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Rusty is a rescue dog who has learned to cope with his separation anxiety. He always knows how to help people feel better and is a great guard dog. He is super adorable and has great energy even though he is an old dog.

Scout is a stoop dog and quietly protects the whole street from wild things like strangers, flies and vehicle vibrations. She also takes her vitamins daily and enjoys watching Orem wildlife…like our chickens. She had super-powers like sleeping in any position and understanding sign language because she is deaf.

Henry is very responsible and caring. He’s a hard worker who takes his jobs seriously! He also knows how to have fun and loves unconditionally! Henry was born to be a leader – named Henry after the likes of former kings and the great innovator Henry Ford. Henry is a dog you can trust, always. He’s the very best of the best and would make an EXCELLENT dog mayor to the dogs of Orem. He takes care of the people he loves and does a heckin protecc for his family everyday, and only borks when necessary. You can’t go wrong with Henry the Great!

Ranger walks the streets and hills of Orem everyday greeting all dogs, cats, and humans (making sure to never leave a mess behind). He greets everyone and loves to sidle up and let you give him a good pet. He especially loves to find the kids walking to school and make sure they get in some good loves before their school day starts. He’s named after the Rangers Futbol Club that has been a part of Orem since 1982. Lots of his humans and birth parents have connections to the Orem soccer fields and club. He would be happy to continue to serve Orem in a greater capacity!

Buddha would be a good mayor because he can make friends with almost anyone. He loves hiking local trails. And like any good mayor, this guy loves kissing babies. Plus, he has lived in Orem his whole life.

Cat Council Candidates

Grayson is a purrfect candidate for cat council member. He is an excellent listener. He has great office skills such as helping remove paper from the printer and running to inspect it every time he hears a printing job. He occasionally samples the quality of the paper. He enjoys holding up the monitor while people are using the computer and making sure the back of the office chair is comfortable. He is compassionate and loving and he comes when you call his name.

Buddy the cat was born on the streets of Orem, wandered the city until he was two months old when tragically he was ran over by multiple cars! Luckily one car stopped to help him and he was nutured back to health and given a permanent home in the city he loves, Orem!

Ghost is 9 years old and has lived in Orem his whole life. He grew up as a stray on the Orem streets, so he understands the “underdogs” of our community. He also has firsthand experience with the wonderful veterinary care provided in our city, and his chronic intestinal problems have developed a deep empathy for other animals who need healthcare. Overall, Ghost believes that all animals in Orem deserve treats, scritches, protection from loud noises, and plenty of sunlight for napping purposes. *Though his name is Ghost, he promises not to “ghost” Orem if elected. **Some haunting may occur.

Beemo is just what Orem needs to bridge the divide between humans and animals. He has spent his whole life trying to be a real boy. As seen here, he attempts to sit like a human and likes to be held like a human baby. 

Marceline believes in democracy with all of her heart but she is a natural born queen. Regal in all that she does, she will bring a touch of sophistication and class to Orem Cat Council. 

Watson has overcome a long list of setbacks and hurdles in his personal life to get to where he is today. He knows what it’s like to be down and out but knows Orem animals never give up. His majestic presence is more than fur-deep. This cat has character.